Natal and Move Go Head to Head

ConsolePress writes: "E3 may still be a few weeks away, but early footage of Project Natal and PlayStation Move has already made its way onto the web. Both faced heavy criticism at E3 2009 for either blatantly copying a competitor's controller setup, or simply not executing on what was promised by early concept demos. After a year of development by both Sony and Microsoft's technology groups, it's interesting to see the progress that has or hasn't been made so far."

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Meryl2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

fact is the recent natal videos shows it's future - chicken dancing
ps move is 10x better than natal in every way and will actually work and support both casual and hardcore experiences, also more games have been shown off for it so far, right now natal is just eyetoy 360 retarded edition
ps move is 60euros which works out much cheaper than speculated prices for natal

failsoles2905d ago

Both of them are fail, its only the fanboys hyping these products for no reason.

GreenRingOfLife2904d ago

I think Move is competing with the Wii because Natal is almost in a league of its own, since it detects the entire human body instead of just moving around a controller

failsoles2904d ago

Careful playing near a window. You dont wanna jump out the building while jumping for cover from a gunshot :P

mrv3212904d ago

It detects the entire human body unless the BAM thing happens... notice how even in recent builds it's still happening? Notice how the light in the room is ideal, little furniture is any. Perfect white walls and to top it off it still didn't detect all the people (4 of them)

The Meerkat2904d ago

So what if Natal and Move don't work for the 'Hardcore'. They may both bring new people to gaming and therefore quicken the acceptance of gaming by the mainstream.

vhero2904d ago

Natal Vs PS Eye more like. MOVE vs Wiimote.. They are completely different control systems its silly to pit them against each other. MS will pump a lot of money into Natal so it may succeed where PS Eye failed and Sony have already proved they are in this for the long haul so MOVE vs Wiimote should also be interesting. Either way gamers have a lot to choose from this winter :).

Stuart57562904d ago

Natal looks very glitchy and twitchy in this vid. A lot of weird BAM! moments!

Wrathman2904d ago

o look.another xbox article full of sony fangirls that travelled to the future.

boodybandit2904d ago

At least the ignore option still exist

Obama2904d ago

It's a xbox article because move is not mentioned? O wait.

PCnPS3Gamer2904d ago

Natal looks so bad...i just dont get how ms can brain wash people. theyre using the idea of what natal could do if it had more processing power to get people hyped they've showed 1 game that looks so boring even thsat kid didnt want to play it. also i noticed if you try to hit the balls to quick it doesn't even read your movements so lame.

people please just stop hyping what natal could be look at what it has shown so far nothing but absolute garbage....

as for ps3 move im getting a 250gb ps3 slim move/ socom 4 bundle at launch. to replace my launch 60gb that still givener...

move may copy the concept of the wii but the fact of the matter is its not not it uses eyetoy technology. so in boxing games you can duck by ducking or weave by weaving. it can tell if you walk into the screen or walk can use 2 move controllers to add a better gaming experience its more precise and accurate, can be added to all your fav games via patch. its sub controller is wireless which is very convenient, not to mention the graphics are about 540p better you know how many wii fans wish the wii didnt look like garbage on there lcd tvs.....not to mention move + 3D + blu ray + 21 first party top notch Exclusives + free online = holy shit

Like are xbox fans seriously going to say from what u've seen of natal its gunna beat the move or its come on ball game that looks so boring and glitchy vs socom 4, move champions, the fight lights out etc...thats just ridiculously.

like move will never replace the dualshock 3, but it adds more variety to hardcore gamers.

absolutecarnage2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Another article full of comments of hate for a product no one knows about, I for one am excited about Natal and i sure it won't dissapoint from all the previews i seen. The only negative comments I seen on Natal is from Ps3 fanboys that have nothing better but complain.

@ PCnPS3Gamer LOL you say the kid playing natal didn't look like he was having fun, first off the kid was like 5 years old probably didn't even know what he was doing and second at least Natal didn't show too retarded girls with no expressions on there faces pplaying with the move and making it look complicated by sucking at it

PCnPS3Gamer2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

well considering im not a casual gamer im a hardcore gamer im glad move is hard. unlike some people i dont give to shits if the casuals love move or not....and i dont play the sales game i play the quality and features game hence why i traded my xbox 360 for a mt bike 2 months after i bought it.

all i have to say is socom 4 and what do you say back retarded red ball game nuff said....who cares if those girls suck its obvious the move is awesome...those girls were prob pissed off cuz they were missing the hills or something....

Natal is garbage failed need buttons

also i like how people are praising natal when theyve seen nothing....atleast weve seen what move can do. and its been playable to the public at events...

JRobes2904d ago

Both techs are way more advanced than you are giving due credit and you should really use some imagination... who says microsoft doesn't come out with a "gun controller" that can sync with the xbox, like a normal controller, and yet still use your body's motions while you are using the gun... you really cant say that this wouldn't be sick. It could see you put away your gun while you pull out a knife and stab an enemy in game.
Just sayin... think outside the box.

Hallmark Moment2904d ago

No they do not go head to head. Move isn't even on the same level in any regard.

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HINDERIZATION2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

...i don't even know if i can keep a straight face for microsoft in this "competition."

masterofpwnage2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

funny as hell.
it was so laggy when she was playing.

but honestly no one mention the fact that the 2 kids where in the scene but natal was only tracking the two adults. now thats pretty impressive.

Mc Fadge2905d ago

Is exactly for that reason. The kids were infront of the adults while they were playing. If somebody walks in front of you nothing will happen, but when someone's standing there, it's not going to work.

We know it's tracking via infra-red, so it's not going to track anything that's being blocked.

vhero2904d ago

"but honestly no one mention the fact that the 2 kids where in the scene but natal was only tracking the two adults. now thats pretty impressive. "

Oh really?? Where you get this information?? If its true it's quite impressive I agree but the adults still look like idiots. I still prefer to hold something in my hand and use it as a control.

Sarcasm2905d ago


And it's ALWAYS the stupid red ball game.

Triella2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

there was also a rafting game in the begining.

And guess what there's a page on Gesturetek website listing "party games" developped by the firm for their motion control software.

So, beside Marble madness and the Burnout Paradise look-a-like (that have already been demoed) expect these kind of games in Natal's catalogue (in a better resolution obviously).

zeeshan2904d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, that is HILARIOUS! Thanks for sharing it man. I am gona facebook it now!

masterofpwnage2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

its actually in the video.
never mind its only one of the kid infront and the other next to them
its at :20

but its still laggy and glitchy.

but i agree, i prefer regular controller

Biggest2904d ago

The kid in the red shirt gets me every time! LOL

"What the fuck am I doing here? This game sucks. Let's see what Mom and Dad are doing behind me. OH!!! I can jerk around like a random idiot! This is obviously a very fun video game!"

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Close_Second2905d ago (Edited 2905d ago )

I just hope that games are released that exploit both control schemes and are not made to use them.

After watching Move being used for SOCOM 4 I'm just not convinced its better or offers anything over using a second analog stick. Could be wrong but I challenge you to pick up a torch and try using your wrist to control precise movements as if your were aiming. Sure you can do it but it just does not seem better than having a second analog.

Move on the other hand seems perfect for games that are interface rich, like the LBP editor or for games where you're using a sword, club, etc.

As for Natal I love the hands free nature of it like I did with the EyeToy and original PS3Eye games. However, games for both offered nothing of any depth or longevity which I'm hoping wont be the case with Natal.

Anyway, I will definitely let the games do the talking with both as so far I'm not convinced by either.


that vid was brilliant lol, i do think on current proof natal is going to be rubbish but i have a nagging feeling that they are going to show some amazing stuff at E3 that will appeal the casuals/biased media. im more interested in the prospect of move+3d coming together to creat a really good experience if not motion controll in its current forms dnot interest me. why cant one of the big 3 go back to the idea of virtual reality headsets that used to be about in the arcades and just drasyicaly improve them.

dizzleK2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

people poopoo 3D and motion control now but these are the baby steps that technology needs to take. the next step after 3D is combining 3D with the motion controls to manipulate objects in a 3D environment (being able to "pull" things from the screen and look at them i.e. the minority report move demo but in 3D). we're really not that far away from virtual reality. once glassless 3D hits we're almost there.

Hardbladestone2904d ago

But how can i be in bed and play

THC CELL2904d ago

stick it up ya Beep lol

U can play with move laying down depends on ya bed position and game

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