Call of Duty 4 interview: Extremely close to reality

IGN chats with the military advisor of Call of Duty 4, and finds out just how scarily close to reality the game really is.

IGN: Obviously they exaggerate a lot of things to make it a better game experience though?

LTC retired Hank Keirsey: I would say it's much closer to reality than one would think. The sound of the weapons firing, the way the weapon sight looks when it comes up, the movement of the soldiers, it's all done very well. As an old soldier, when you look at a war movie you don't look at the good things you see. You look at the bad - they're all bunched up, nobody would wear a chin strap like that, he's got the wrong patch on, he's wearing his rank wrong, his medals are out of order, that asshole didn't know what he was doing. You see every error.

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achira4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

i think its far away to be reality. that can only be a joke. yes the forest looks very realistic, but the rest looks like in cod3 but one level higher. you know the famouse saying: "reality is 80 million polygons", cod4 is far away from that. you see it the most, when you look at a high resolution trailer, everything is scripted and everything looks not so good, like at the first glance. but nevertheless i wait for this game, and want to know how it turns out.

edit: blackjack you are a moron. you should learning to read. of course this game looks good. but its far from being foto realistic, thats my point. and yes imho kz2 looks better too, because its more then shiny graphics.

BLACKJACK VII4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

"looks like in cod3 but one level higher" ... "everything looks not so good" ... "nevertheless i wait for this game, and want to know how it turns out"

What a hypocrite! Why do you want a game you are soooo unimpressed with ?!? What a joke. Do yourself a favor, don't get COD4 & go play some Echochrome.

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sjappie4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

I think he was talking about gameplay, audio,behavior of AI and so on, when he said realistic, not nessescarily about the graphics.

FirstknighT4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Easily the best FPS I ever seen. No wonder it's been getting best of E3 this year. The Call of Duty series is definitely the best war shooter around. Their are alot of other FPS that use the same war torn street formula but this one is still the king.

OutpostCommand4162d ago

Im glad to see there are some companies (Infinity Ward) out there who still put passion into the games they produce.
Looking forward very much to COD4 - good chance of it being game of the year.

machine_B4162d ago

But run-and-gun is hardly realistic. I don't know how this game can say it's realistic when you compare it to something like GRAW, or real-life, for that matter.

M1am1U4162d ago

it looks great. Since I've not actually served in the military, I can't speak to the fact about the game being very lifelike, but...the gameplay seems pretty intense. Stealth at some points, frantic urban combat at others. Even if it's not truly "lifelike", it looks like one of the best combat games I've ever seen. I will definitely be picking this one up.

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