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Official Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 Character Roster

The Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 character roster will consist out of over 90 characters, including some never seen before in a DBZ game. VGB lists those revealed so far, including regulars like Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu. (Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

Wolfie  +   1998d ago
MEH, it looks like the first one.
presto717  +   1998d ago
The first Raging Blast sucked krud
This one looks like it'll suck too.
Redempteur  +   1998d ago
How can any fan be exited about this game is beyond my understanding
Shang-Long  +   1998d ago
They should remake DBZ legends
N4BmpS  +   1998d ago
They should let this series die honestly, as a former fan. Let it die stop trying to milk it.
Sagetech  +   1998d ago
Looks like they still haven't changed the godawful camera view of the first game.The Tenkaichi games camera was good,it ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THE OPPONENT. Why dont they just toss a few new characters in and remake Budokai 3 on DBZ Burst Limit's graphics engine?

And on a side note...why does the music in this trailer sound like a malfunctioning gameboy color?

As a fan of DBZ I'll say this
They need to let the DBZ franchise ride into the sunset,it's turning into a fighting game version of Guitar Hero.
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Chewy102  +   1997d ago
I still remember all of the epic battles Iv had on Budokai 3 with a friend. Sometimes in mid match one of use would call out tennis and we could spend 2-3 mins just smacking a ki blast between us at a time.

There needs to be another Tekken or Street Fighter type of DBZ game. One where you need to use combos and time your ki charges so you can use an ungodly blast that could destroy the planet! Instead of just blasting wave after wave after wave to do damage like it has been since Tenkaichi.
kraze07  +   1998d ago
All they need to do for a good current gen DBZ game is combine Burst Limit's visuals with Tenkaichi 3's gameplay and maybe throw in an upgrade/item system similar to Budokai 1's.

Edit: damn sagetech you beat me by seconds. Budokai 3 gameplay with Burst Limit graphics would be great too.
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kornbeaner  +   1998d ago
Budokai 3 was the best DBZ game released don't why they don't use that fight engine again.
DaBadGuy  +   1998d ago
Who the hell hasn't been in a game yet? Oh shit.....oh shit....the goddamn Para Para Brothers.....those of you who know who they are should understand my dread, those who don't know, you don't even know.
snowb420  +   1998d ago
"the goddamn Para Para Brothers" Don't give them any ideas! They've already ruined these games enough this console generation...
Michael-Jackson  +   1998d ago
Why did this useless article get approved? all old info plus trailer splashed into one.

Regarding the trailer, the camera stick sucks. Well I give it one positive, it looks improved but far from being decent.
X-Frame  +   1998d ago
I grew up a huge DBZ fan and I can't even stomach all these cloned games anymore. They're just re-releasing Tenkaichi 2 over and over again and (originally Atari) and now NamcoBandai are wondering why it's not as much of a hit as it should be.

Instead of them releasing a "new" DBZ game each year they should've taken their time and developed a new DBZ game with a new engine (not the original engine from Tenkaichi 1) and better fighting mechanics that actually simulate DBZ and release it within 2-3 years.

That means by today we would've not gotten anything since Burst Limit but we would most likely have gotten a true sequel.

I assume next year will be Raging Blast 3. Embarrassing. I hope nobody buys this game so this series just dies as Atari and now NamcoBandai are just killing DBZ - not to mention that Dragonall: Evolution did to the franchise too.
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SaiyanFury  +   1997d ago
I'm a huge DB fan and I got the original Raging Blast. The last game with some of the original Japanese voice actors. The new game will not have the original Mister Satan voice actor Daisuke Gohri. He died back in January of this year. No other voice actor will be able to fill his awesome shoes. As well as that, I'd love to see Muten Roshi as a playable fighter, but his original voice actor died back in 1995. God rest both of their souls. Daisuke Gohri wasn't even that old, only 58. I think the original Raging Blast will the the last DBZ game that I buy simply because it doesn't have the complete voice roster anymore. That, and I don't like how the series has been whored out every year. Beyond that, I'm a huge Mister Satan fan, and now that his voice actor is dead, I can't look to another person considering that Daisuke Gohri was present since the original DB back in 1986.
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FalconR289  +   1997d ago
As much as I like Dragon Ball Z they have to do one of two things:
1)Stop milking the Dragon Ball franchise or
2)Continue the series from were it left off and forget that dbgt ever happened and get the input from the creator of Dragonball Akira Toriyama to help guild the series in a new and better direction.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1997d ago
i want a dragon ball Z RPG not the mmo there making but a Real rpg for consoles with a made up story and some old and new villains , i might check this game out tho i haven't played a dbz game seance ps1 days rofl and i would like to get back in the dbz universe i really miss that show i wish they would make a new dbz show where they left off ,for get about GT to me gt was trying to be like dragon ball and it wasn't as enjoyable as Dragon ball and dragon ball z i wish they would make a game with all dragon ball and dragon ball z characters that would be cool.i would love to play as Goku when he was a kid vs mercenary Tao

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