PSP comes to life in stunning stop-frame animation

Fun and clever stop-motion animation showing all of the media
features of the PSP (PlayStation Portable): movies, music,
games, photos, RSS, web-browsing, remote play and PS3 compatibility.

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Maddens Raiders4110d ago

Is this a pitch for a real commercial? If not they need to condense it and get on the screen in the States. Fast. Twas a very good marketing trailer.

Fighter4110d ago

I think it is an official PSP ad. It's a bit too long but looks amazing as hell. Hope they put this on the PSN for download.

The_Firestarter4110d ago

This is how real PROFESSIONALS do it!

This video puts all newb stop-frame animators on youtube to shame. >:)
Nevertheless, I still enjoy newby stop-frame animations anyways. lol

Vip3r4110d ago

That was a rather good ad indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.