Castlevania:LoS just another God of War knockoff?

The rebirth of the Castlevania series is upon us. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be released this fall, and historically the Castlevania series has been a trendsetter. Fans of the series take comfort in the fact that Hideo Kojima and his production company are associated with the project, teaming with Mercury Steam who is already the primary developer on the new title. The recent screenshots have given us our first glimpse at Gabriel, the protagonist for the new game.

With the screenshots that were recently dropped on the interworld, one thing comes to mind. God of War III. In all honesty first impressions will have you double taking to make sure you aren't looking at God of War III screenshots. Sure, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but gamers have already played two God of War games this year. One being under the name of Dantes Inferno, the second being the now legendary God of War III, and is a third really neccessary?

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FanboyAttack3087d ago

Castlevania has been around for a long time, but some of those screenshots look like a pretty bad copy of God of War.

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alphakennybody3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Edit: nvm I forgot about the ps2 ones, I was thinking about judgement wich was bleh!

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NecrumSlavery3087d ago

There was a 3D Castlevania on N64.

Redrum0593087d ago

It will be a must buy for me. Wat do u say guys?

Tachyon_Nova3087d ago

Agreed, but I can certainly think of worse games to 'knock off'.

Chubear3087d ago

Castlevania has it's following and as long as it has solid game mechanics, it shouldn't stop the fans from checking out the Castlevania universe in 3D.. or should it be considered 2.5D now that real 3D is round the corner.

NeutralGamer3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Am I the only one who hate the post modern gamers?

They think that Uncharted 2 is made by god
That God of War was the first original hack'n slash game
And that Halo/Killzone was the most innovative shooter

Well we all know that Mario/Lara Croft kick Drakes ass and that a tons of Hack'n slash games beat GoW like THE ORIGINAL castlevania series...

And before Halo/Killzone we had Unreal/Doom/Quake!

People forget the originals!

Every game (and I mean every game) got inspiration from another game... So what? Modern gamers who are usually 12 year old children with anoying voices thinks that every gaming aspect was invented by either Microsoft's or Sony's studios...


Now go ahead make me strip my bubbles off....

wages of sin3087d ago

I could hug you right now for saying that. It's gotten to the point where it's sad and pathetic. You speak the truth and for that you get bubbles for sure. Way to speak up for those of us who have been gaming for decades; not semesters.

Redrum0593087d ago

I luv GOW and KZ, but u speak the truth my friend.
Plus bubbles for u.

UnSelf3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

i hate ppl that think just cause a game is older in history its automatically better because it "did" something first.

Its Wolfenstein3D better than Killzone2? No

Is Tomb Raider 2 better than Uncharted 2? No

Is Rad Racer better than GT4? No

Its like ya purposely hide behind some sort of untouchable vintage argument that automatically states just becuz a game did it first it means it did it the best.

1st is not always greater than or equal to Best

and @neutral gamer

im not tryna be a pissant here, but theres a flaw in ur logic besides what i stated above. If EVERY game is copied off of another, then who did the first games to do "these things" copy off of?

Who did Super Mario Bros copy off of?
Who did Spy Hunter copy off of?
a boy and his blob?
super smash bros?

I mean according to you they HAD to get there ideas from someone else right?

NeutralGamer3086d ago

Super Mario Bros was a development of the main character in the original Donkey Kong game from 1981

In Donkey Kong we had a hero named Jumpman who later turns out to be Mario...

Later Jumpman got his own game and Nintendo renamed him Mario

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sid4gamerfreak3087d ago

Um, Castlevania has been way before than God Of War

If anything, God of War has copied Castlevania, but thats not true since both play out differently and have different gameplay elements.Although this Castlevania does seem like God Of War, there's nothing wrong with some competition as long its not a carbon copy like Dante's Inferno, which was a really, really bad game.

bangoskank3086d ago (Edited 3086d ago )

I think they actually look like a good copy of God of War.

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Crazyhorse3087d ago

of corse it is whywouldnt they copy the bests game ever.

DelbertGrady3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Here we go again.

By that logic I guess God of War is a rip-off of this:

And this:

And why not this:

Or even this:

I mean they're all third person action games that incorporate mythical elements, large boss characters, fighting multiple enemies at once using different handheld weapons and looking for treasure. And they all came out before God of War 1.

kenlawson3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

Take it easy, you don't agree that the images that were released from the game look strikingly similar to God of War 3? It's not surprising I'm sure not everyone will see the similarities. I actually thought it was GoWIII Screen at first.

pixelsword3087d ago

You're talking about general aspects of games (which even your examples share with each other) with specific details from one game to another. Large characters, yes, they all have them; but...

1. One titan-sized female character made of stone with shrubbery

which looks like...


The scenes even mirror each other.

2. One huge bald monstrous dude

just so happens to resemble, look like:


and *that's* where the criticism comes from.

oricon3087d ago

Have you even played the castlevania games there are big bosses in them.

Anon73493087d ago

Also, those monsters don't even look similar if you squint your eyes. They're completely different.

jack_burt0n3087d ago


The impressions ppl are getting from early time with game is that its going to be mostly combat based, so it will be nothing like maximo or even otogi its a big departure even from the ps2 3d vania's and that is bad news imo, am disappointed we dont need another Gaiden or god of war. I want lots of platforming!

beavis4play3087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

you can make very basic generalizations about any 2 games in a genre (like you did above) and come to that conclusion. COD and KZ series are FPS but they aren't ripping off the originals. when i play those 2 series - i don't think i'm playing doom or wolfenstein.

same here. of what you posted, only the first game even remotely compares to GOW series. but, watching it isn't as if you're watching GOW3 - is it?....i certainly don't get that.
however, some of these castlevania screens look EXACTLY like GOW3 as far as look, and scale of enemies; not to mention the art style, lighting, and color palette.

i'm interested to see how the game plays out but i won't be buying it before next year (or later)......i just finished GOW3 a while back (and am still playing it). i don't need to play another game that is so close to GOW3 release that looks so similar.

for these reasons, i think your logic is flawed.

hardmetal3087d ago

You are correct.


kewlkat0073087d ago (Edited 3087d ago )

probably never played a Castlevania games.Really what do you expect a Castlevania 3D game to look like?

With better tech today Konami is taking another stab at it but this is not the first time the game has gone 3D.

All third-person Hack & Slashers have much more in common which each other than not. Your in a 3D environment with Weapons at hand, Combos at your disposal, as well as HUGE boss fights.(Which is nothing new)

Personally I played Castlevania:Curse of Darkness and it wasn't too shabby, it had great soundtrack as most Castlevania titles but a 2D/3D Castlevania along the lines of Symphony of the Night would be awesome.

Fans of a GENRE/FRANCHISE buy a particular game because they are a fan of the series. that's like saying I'll only play "Tomb Raider" with Laura Croft and would not touch Uncharted because it's so similar in taste. The Tech/Graphic in the games have gotten better but but some of these games in the same genre all have the same common denominator.

RedPawn3087d ago

Exactly what I was thinking too.

I love action games period, and I'm not gonna let a game I beat in the past hinder me from playing this or future ones.

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math3087d ago

It might look like it but will it play like it? Probably not.

FanboyAttack3087d ago

I doubt it will even look like it.

LordMarius3087d ago

God of War 3 > Every other game not called God of War 3


Legend of Dragoon > Everything Else

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