Microsoft Confirms New Zune

With the Zune reaching it's goal of 1 million units sold this week, Microsoft plans to take its digital audio player to the next step by introducing Zune 2.0 and other models.

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bootsielon4134d ago

Or will we have to wait for Zune 3.0+ as with everything Microsoft?

Odion4134d ago

dude what are you talking about this Zune is already better then an Ipod video, its cheaper, comes with a bigger screen and has wifi and a radio

Kaneda4134d ago

Wow! you actually like the zune? :) Does it work with windows 98 and 2000? Or is it still just XP?

ZyKlOn4134d ago

Leo Laporte hates the Zune!

Double-Edged4134d ago

it's all about Zen.

But Zune is worth a try

FeralPhoenix4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

and I think its great, but I'm wierd because I admit I never owned and iPod. If this new version is significantly better then I might just get my wife one so can stop "borrowing" mine. To be honest my only dissapointment is because when I first brought it, I was hoping M$ was going to have more 360 related features for the Zune so far, intially those were the rumors at the time. Either way its a great player but they are really missing out by not taking advantage of adding some game related content etc.

snoop_dizzle4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

why people hated the zune so much since it basically had more features.
Maybe because Microsoft made it?

I mean hey i heard less issues(though a few) compared to the countless hard drive deaths in ipods(at least in my area)

But fortunetly thats probably improved.

But anyways, i might go for a creative zen instead .

I really wouldn't go for an i pod since alof of my music is wma lossless files.

But thats not really a reason not to hate on the ipod.

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The story is too old to be commented.