Rumor: Motorstorm 3 Goes Apocalyptic

ConsolePress writes: "We knew it was coming, but not like this. Motorstorm, the series that defined what off-road racing should be, has unexpectedly taken a liking to asphalt and cityscapes. Rather than plowing through the mud and foliage of a remote island, or slamming opponents off the side of a high altitude cliff, the team at Evolution Studios seem to be going in a direction that we may not like."

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Chubear2722d ago

I don't know what to make of this. I'm trusting the developers know what they're doing but, if this rumour turns out to be true (which I'm sure it is)...

captain-obvious2722d ago

so it'll be more of a twisted metal with no guns ?


damn they should add guns
and there you have it a new PS3 twisted metal

xabmol2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I remember HHG saying that MS3 would have guns. *sigh...* And I remember saying how I wouldn't buy MS3 if it did.

I love PacRiff because it's a brutal racing game, not a car combat game.

Dramscus2722d ago

MS3 would be bad ass in cities.
Gun's would ruin the franchise. I also wouldn't buy it if they did that. Actually any kind of gimmicky weapon system would ruin it.
Game play is great how it is.
Hip hop gamer is a dumb ass.

Hideo_Kojima2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Swords yes...
Baseball bats yes...
Chainsaws yes...

Riding your bike would be even better if you could take out your chainsaw and cut enemies.

NecrumSlavery2722d ago

So Guntrol,

you want a nexgen Road Rash? That would kick ass.

Hideo_Kojima2722d ago

You can already whack them off with your hand but I thought it would be cool if you could do it with a bit more range and a lot more style.

NecrumSlavery2722d ago

Maybe a little GOW style Quicktime, hook to the bike, jump over, stab them in the face and jump back to your bike?...

Hideo_Kojima2722d ago

I hope your not being sarcastic because that just sounds orgasmic to me.
Better still if you dont jump back to your own bike. It would be better if you kept their bike to piss them of more.

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scofios2722d ago

If you remember sega's full auto then you know guns + cars = fail

palaeomerus2722d ago

Funny. I remember liking Interstate '76 and Twisted Metal 2 okay...

vasilisk2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

for those who don't believe me, here's a link to my comment 26 days ago, long before the screens that leaked, describing exactly what you see in the screens.

It looks more than great graphically, Sony is going to se the bar for one more time. It's full of action, that's all I can tells you right now. The rest you will see with your eyes at E3. Also, it's stated for a 2011 release, it's not going to be out this year...

NateNater2722d ago

I believe you but how did you get to see the game so much earlier than everyone else? Do you work for Sony or something? Lets be friends :)

vasilisk2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I don't work for Sony, but my line of work (not a game journalist either - I write some articles for a puclication in my country but it's not my primary job) gives me access to this kind of information, sometimes much earlier than the majority of the game press..
Sorry but I can't tell you more about any other games, but I can tell you that from September probably, if not earlier, Sony is going to increase their HDD sizes for the PS3, that's the reason for the shortages. As for a price cut I don't know, the official word is that it's under consideration. Maybe they're keeping this one a secret, or it actually is under consideration. Also the rumour for a 60 euro bundle for the move and the PSeye is correct.

Sorry again I can't talk more about games, E3 is around the corner:)

NateNater2722d ago

Awesome vasilisk. Thanks for all the info. Plus bubbles my friend :)

Davoh2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Amazing that even in an apocalyptic world, the Motorstorm Festival is still being held and it looks like you can run over people as well on the 1st pic.

Lfmesquite2722d ago

Motorstorm always had a bit of crazyiness to it, and they need some big changes to rebound from Pacific rift. This setting is where it's at these days, games like Fallout, Bioshock, Borderlands and the up comming Rage are all big hits.

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DJ2722d ago

I mean, I guess we should've seen it coming since they've done jungles, deserts, and even the arctic, which I thought was a possibility for part 3 before the PSP version was announced. I just pray that it's successful. The last one, Pacific Rift, was way better than the original, but had abysmal sales.

Everyone should be playing Motorstorm, and hopefully this iteration garners a bigger audience.

JBaby3432722d ago

I unfortunately have not bought Motorstorm 1 or 2. Not because of quality but just because I've been too busy with other games and have not gotten into racing games. I wish they had better sales because both are certainly great games from what I've read and seen. I guess others are in the same boat I am. I could see adding cityscapes but hopefully they do keep plenty of off-road mayhem as that is what the games are known for. Will be interesting to see.

D4RkNIKON2722d ago

Same here, I had the demo for Pacific Rift on my PS3 for about a year and played it from time to time. It was really cool but I just prefer racers with weapons to spice things up. It is just a personal preference tho. Burnout paradise was cool being able to take down your competition by slamming them into the guardrails or oncoming traffic.

jack_burt0n2722d ago

just as much taking down in PR as there is in burnout use the shoulder buttons to ram, u guys should buy it.

bloodybutcher2722d ago

you see,i never was into racing,burnout and others-couldn't care less.motorstorm was the first that i really liked,so i got pacific rift as them both.and now you can get these games really cheap so i would suggest getting'em:)

SOAD2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Do Motorstorm's maps all follow a basic theme or are there varied environments? You guys are acting all disappointed because of a couple of city maps. For all you know, there will be jungle levels and island levels and arctic levels. Right? I mean, that's why we have 50 gig discs. Variety.

sarshelyam2722d ago

...that's not how MotorStorm has worked. Sure, there is variation within each theme but the root remains a constant. Your tracks in the original are always of a desert theme, Pacific Rift of a jungle/paradise environment (yes volcanoes count), and Arctic Edge is all snow/ice/etc.

Ult iMate2722d ago

>>Everyone should be playing Motorstorm
Agree with that. I'm into that kind of racing games. Wild speeds with nitro boost. Multy-way tracks with ramps and jumps. So much fun.
But if it were not for insane difficulty...
I played two demos of MS2 for a thousand times and loved it, but never won the first place. This difficulty is the only thing that holds me off of buying both Motorstorms. (I stopped playing Midnight Club LA because of difficulty. The PSP version of MC:LA was ok for me - beat the game) ((( . Is there an "easy" mode for such a misery gamer like myself?

UnSelf2722d ago

are u kidding lol?

it must be me, but i hardly ever came in 2nd in MC:LA and for the MS2 demo i placed first about 80% of the time.

well i really am a racing head now that i think about it

Timesplitter142722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I was kinda hoping they'd do that. Mad Max 2 was an awesome movie

Wolfie2722d ago

Mad Max 2 was okay. The first one is awesome :)

Ju2722d ago

Who's we ? That website ? It certainly doesn't include me. I think it's an interesting twist. I was actually curios with what they'd come up this time.

ABizzel12722d ago

Motorstorm 1 and PR were good games, but as time went by good games were being made for every genre and I truly think the racing genre won't evolve. At the end of the day you're just racing which can be said about many genres, however in racing games there's only cars and tracks which is is a hard sale for gamers.

I want Motorstorm to add natural disasters to the mix, I want to race through a city that's flooding. I want to race on a road with tornadoes spiraling down. I want to race on a mountain trail with rock slides crushing cars. That's the direction I feel a game like Motorstorm should go. Motorstorm to me is about choas and doing whatever you can to get to the finish line first, and the weather would add another layer to the randomness of the races.

Monolith2722d ago

i agree, they have avalanches in Motorstorm actic edge.

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