MGS:Peace Walker video preview

Dualshockers: With just a few weeks to go until its western release I take a look at what MGS: Peace Walker brings to the table and explain why die-hard MGS fans should not let this amazing game slip under their radar/threat ring/cone of visibility.

Forget any reservations about this being a PSP game – MGS: Peace Walker is the next entry in the franchise so get wise or miss out BIG TIME.

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Nicaragua2880d ago

Nice video man, some of the footage was a bit grainy but i guess that was coz its coming from a PSP.

PMSL at the George pig clip - my kid loves that show :)

Ziggi2880d ago

Indeed. Will be definately be BUYING this game for PSP to support the devs ;). It is a shame this game isn't on PS3 though, i kind of wanted a HD Big Boss game and i fear this would be the last chance to get one.

BTW, that wallpaper showing the release dates was awesome. DO want for PS3 background, anyone know where to find it?

Games4M - Rob2880d ago

message me with your email address and i'll send you the file for the background.

As for Big Boss then i am 99% sure that we will see another MGS on the PS3. These games are just a way of rebooting the franchise to get more mileage out of it. Solid snake had come to the end of his story but Big Boss is just starting out so i would expect lots more games.

iiprotocolii2880d ago

It's a sure way to continue the franchise after the sad demise Solid Snake met with aging, the poor bastard. Big Boss has A LOT of history in the series. Enough history to work with in future titles which, I'm hoping, eventually make their way onto the PlayStation 3. I will miss Solid Snake, though. That mofo brought me tons of good times in my years of gaming.

mjolliffe2880d ago

I can't wait for it :D It's in my preorders list :)

Hitman07692880d ago

Excellent video and I'm glad to see some developers that take the PSP to where I knew it could go!


Nintendogs FTW! (joke)

iiprotocolii2880d ago

I think the preview was awesome, and I can't honestly wait for Peace Walker. I honestly agree that MGS pushes the boundaries regarding graphics, story, etc. I, personally, wished that it would have gone on a console rather than a handheld; but who knows what Kojima has up his sleeve with what's coming next (Zone of the Enders? I pray to Christ, yes.).

Nicaragua2880d ago

A new Zone of Enders would be amazing, even a remastered ZOE collection (a la GOW collection) would be good.

Chadness2880d ago

Never really been able to get into the MGS franchise (although I did play MGS4 only because my brother is a huge fan). That being said, the preview video could hook anyone. ;)