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RUMOR: Jessica Simpson to Play Samus Aran in Metroid Movie

The title says it all. You can jump for joy or cry now, depending on where your heart lies. ( Metroid Prime, Wii)

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Braineater2448  +   1600d ago
Would be alright. Could be hotter though.
themizarkshow  +   1600d ago
I'm more concerned with her being badass enough to pull it off.
Conloles  +   1600d ago
I'm more concered with her not being able to act at all.
-Alpha  +   1600d ago
I'm more concerned with the fact that they are making movies out of games and using barbie dolls who started off as singers to portray the main character.
iNcRiMiNaTi  +   1600d ago
They should just get Charlize Theron or Ali Larter to do it. Then again it's said to be a Uwe Boll movie as well so it'll prolly suck
RedDevils  +   1600d ago
I'm more concerned with her being Horny for the entertainment:)
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FURY__UNLEASHED  +   1600d ago
I'm more concerned with her being a ditsy idiot playing a smart, sly bounty hunter.
frjoethesecond  +   1600d ago
I'm more concerned that hi6hli6ht didn't start their sentence with "I'm more concerned".
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NecrumSlavery  +   1599d ago
The guy who was directing it said two years ago he wanted Demi Moore to play Samus, based on her personality.

I personally think the girl who played the TX in Terminator 3 would of been perfect. Simpson is a terrible actress. Metroid is a lot deeper and darker than any scifi action story. It's about epic bosses and exploration. Upgrading you abilities and learning of historical alien civilizations. Jessica Simpson is too much of an idiot to handle that role. If they gave it to her they'd probably have to lower the standards of the film to fit her ditzy persona.
poopface1  +   1599d ago
at least its not Hana montana as Samus.
Smacktard  +   1600d ago
How the HELL did this story get approved? Uwe Boll? Jessica Simpson? Come on...
OhReginald  +   1600d ago
speaking of UWE BOLL
isn't he making a littlebigplanet movie?
frjoethesecond  +   1600d ago
@ hazelamy
Omg, they should have Angelina Jolie star in a movie called lips. See what I did there?
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hazelamy  +   1600d ago
that would be ok if it was a singstar or lips movie though :)
IaMs12  +   1600d ago
Who cares who they use, they could use a guy as long as they use a great actor. Why? Because she does wear a helmet, she doesnt HAVE to take it off during the movie....
Bolts  +   1600d ago
Isn't she too fat for that role? Because she's obviously too fat for Tony Romo.
qface64  +   1600d ago
the chick that played the terminatrix or whatever it was called in terminator 3 would be good as samus if they ever did make a metroid movie
frjoethesecond  +   1600d ago
Also she sucks!

Edit, meant to reply to something else. Sry.
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Double Toasted  +   1599d ago
Why don't they get someone who knows how to act first *facepalm*
Parapraxis  +   1600d ago

You know hiring a real actress is always an option too.
ThatCanadianGuy  +   1600d ago
Rainstorm81  +   1600d ago
Thats funny i thought the same thing.....I dont think she very talented.
ThatArtGuy  +   1600d ago
That's when you need a *really* good director.
DangerCurtis  +   1600d ago
Noice! I'll be enjoying the film and have a hardon at the same time!
ClownBelt  +   1600d ago
It's a win-win in our two heads it seems.

I know you like it.
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Meowhammad  +   1600d ago
You guys are into BBW? sick-ass mofos...

Guilty as charged!
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MisterPickles2  +   1600d ago
No thanks.
Needs more Angelina Jolie.
Meowhammad  +   1600d ago
She's a little too dark.
Colonel-Killzone  +   1600d ago
I rather jessice alba tbh.......
Meowhammad  +   1600d ago
She's way too dark. Look at her in Fantastic Four, she looked like a lion.
Colonel-Killzone  +   1600d ago
lol listen thats who I rather. They have some good make up artist in the movie industry you know o.0 ? And idc she is a sexy lion lmao. But im not gonna nitpick about every female character. IDC who it is tbh as long as the story is good.
y149  +   1600d ago
Nintendo risking a core IP on a movie W/ Jessica Simpson?
I call BS
Stephen5543  +   1600d ago
I agree. I really cant see this as being true... I dont think she could pull it off.
FalconR289  +   1600d ago
I think there is some else more qualifed to play the role of Samsu Aran than Jessica Simpson and if Uwe Boll is making this film then i would rather not see it made at all.
soup187  +   1600d ago
your got to be joking.
HumanStark  +   1600d ago
Yeah, I don't see this happening. Maybe if she was playing the green turtle that walks off the cliffs in SMB...
Gen0ne  +   1600d ago
Please Jesus...
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zatrox  +   1600d ago
People who never read articles
Stay classy, NG4
DaBadGuy  +   1600d ago
um......since no one else is gonna say it.....I don't remember Samus being so....husky. There's definately better people for the job, like I don't know Katherine Heigl or something. But if it comes down to Jessica Simpson, I would rather have Uwe Boll play Samus, because at least I'm going to be entertained, not like The Dark Knight entertained, I mean like a YouTube vid shot on an iPhone of an overweight man falling out of a window and crushing a baby carriage, killing the triplets inside kind of entertained....you know...the bad kind.
life doomer  +   1600d ago
You know that girl from terminator 3 who tried to kill john Connor? I think she will be perfect for the part.
The Iron Sheik  +   1600d ago
Have you guys seen Jessica Simpson lately? She's not going to fit in any skin tight spacesuits.

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lpfisher  +   1600d ago
This and the Kim Kardashian as Lara Croft thing, http://kotaku.com/5555675/k... have pretty much ruined my night.
Bolts  +   1600d ago
Unless the name of that movie is Ass Raider then there's no reason to have Kim Kardashian in it.
Shnazzyone  +   1600d ago
Why is it nowhere else on the web is there any information about a metroid movie even existing, outside of a fan mashup which looks hilariously real at first until he throws in obvious pitch black and starship trooper scenes.

I feel sorry for anyone who thought this was real. So fake it's ridiculous.

Oh and by the way... uwe boll was the rumored director of a metroid film. in an april fools joke by IGN in 2005. Easy to see where this insanity got put together. Rumor dismissed and ignored.
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DelbertGrady  +   1600d ago
The videogame-to-fail transitions continue.

Next up, Matthew McConaughey as Duke Nukem.
lpfisher  +   1600d ago
I'm waiting for Matthew McConaughey as Solid Snake, actually; with Justin Beiber playing Raiden. :/
NexGen  +   1600d ago
Actual lol came from that one.....you are kidding, right?
nunley33  +   1600d ago
way worse ha!
this would be a nightmare but could be so terrible it's funny unintentionly.
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JasonX43  +   1600d ago
I'm callling this one out because of how protective Nintendo is of their franchises, especially after the Super Mario Bros. Movie! And as far as them letting Uwe Boll anywhere near the set other than as a valet to the real director? I doubt it!
iambenk  +   1600d ago
No way.
There is absolutely no way this is true. Zero.

Let's move on.
GrilledCheeseBook  +   1600d ago
at least she's hot
stonecold1  +   1600d ago
i agree
jessica is one of my favourites like in dukes of hazard
boysenberry  +   1600d ago
No, just no. She isn't right for the part. Get a better looking blonde with nice boobs that can actually act!
nunley33  +   1600d ago
i hope that won't happen
But there will be not that many scenes without her helmet on and i would think the other action scenes would be played by someone else more capable. there will be a shower scene i bet in this movie especially with a different actress and if it's boll. Rather watch someone play Metroid Other M than this, all his movies are terrible.
NIN64  +   1599d ago
No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no kill no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. . .
Titanz  +   1599d ago
"Scarlett Johanson" said no?
noxeven  +   1599d ago
Give this uwe bolle then if thats the case. NOOOOOOOOO
tigertron  +   1599d ago
How about "Maggie" from Transformers, Rachel Taylor is a far better actress than Megan Fox. I'd say she was perfect for Samus Aran.
ChickeyCantor  +   1599d ago
Nintendo had sh/tloads of movie requests and they all got denied. So highly unlikely
tiamat5  +   1599d ago
Confirmed. Another bad video game movie. Who ever casts these people should be locked away forever
HopSkotch  +   1599d ago
As long as she gets naked in a sex scene...i don't give a damn LOLOL
EvilTwin  +   1599d ago
Jessica Simpson as Samus Aran.

I just died a little inside.
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