Preview: Halo Wars

Designed exclusively for the X360 by Ensemble Studios, known for the Age of Empires series, Halo Wars is a strategy game based on the Halo universe. Players will command armies of familiar and new UNSC units in its initial encounters against the Covenant, an alien coalition threatening to obliterate mankind.

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gods army4168d ago

I want Halo Wars to be bigger then any regular RTS game. I want to see ships built on planets or in space and leave the earth and head towards other planets and fight in space or wipe out entire planets, by building huge carriers, and fleets of ships.

The halo universe is huge so lets use it!

okcomputer4167d ago

Awesome ideas. I doubt it will be put in place though. They're probably going to take it safe on this one because its such a huge franchise and it's the first time they're doing a rts game based on it. Still though, thats a really good idea on how the rts genre could evolve, going planet to planet like that.

Jrome4167d ago

this game is going to be pwnage if they make it right XD...screw Halo's all about HALO RTS..THE NEW STARCRAFT lol ^_^...i'll definately be upgrading my computer for this

brodels4167d ago

Is this game only for 360? Why would anyone want to play a RTS on a console? Unless the controls are somehow made intuitive. I'll stick with my pc for RTS

Numark4167d ago

play command and conquer 3 or lotr battle for middle earth 2 on the 360.

both are great games and play easily with the controller.

Daxx4167d ago

I do believe it is coming out for the PC but it's going to be a while. Basically the are building the game from the ground up on the 360 then they are probably going to port it to the PC.

Daxx4167d ago

This probably the best looking RTS on the 360 yet. Sure LOTR II and C&C 3 look good but Halo Wars looks amazing by far. The lighting and the textures have that sort of splendor that comes from very powerful gaming PCs.

NextGen24Gamer4167d ago

Command and Conquer is SUPERB on the 360....And they are making this game specifically for the 360....It will be spectacular guarenteed. 2008 is looking to be fantastic for the 360....but its hard to look that far ahead with all the AAA games releasing this year. WOW...Kudos Microsoft. Keep pushing the industry.

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