The Remakes 100

Well, here it is then. The Top 100 games as voted for by various members of the Indie community, Gibbage forums, a few commercial game developers, YakYak forums and you, the wonderful readers of Retro Remakes. In the end Retro Remakes received somewhere in the region of 250 seperate top 10 lists which have been narrowed down by how many votes each game received to mould the list you see before you. In the event of a tie break, Retro Remakes has gone back through the lists and sorted them wherever possible by what position they occupied in folks top tens.

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sumfood4u4164d ago

I don't see nothing wrong with remakes as the saying goes "If it Ain't Broke don't try to fix it!" but I also look forwards to new games as well, just lately most games RPG in particular lack good story ending. Seems most RPG ending still rock on PS2!

MK_Red4164d ago

WTH! Fallout at 95!? That is one game that deserves to be among top 10 games worthy of remake. (I'm not saying that remake may be as good as original masterpiece but...).

Groo4163d ago

Remake em, don't break em