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InFamous 2 Set in New Orleans?

Mucu from GamesOnSmash.com writes, "Infamous 2 was just announced as the cover of the newest Game Informer. While the magazine has yet to hit subscribers yet, I think we can tell a lot about Infamous just from the cover. To me, it seems like Infamous 2 will be set in New Orleans (Or something very similar to New Orleans like “Empire City” was New York)."

Reasons why after the jump. (inFamous 2, PS3)

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KiasuKiasiMan  +   1885d ago
New Orleans or London according to the article.

London would be a very interesting setting in my opinion. Personally I think I would prefer London over New Orleans, though it seems that the first game was tied to American politics so its most likely New Orleans though an international setting would still be possible.

Also I don't really get why everyone's so upset with Cole's new design, I think it reflects how Cole has changed after taking the "good" path in the first game.
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Blaze929  +   1885d ago
"I think it reflects how Cole has changed after taking the "good" path in the first game. "
what if you took the evil path? I wonder if that will carry over along with your actions like how BioWare handles Mass Effect


oooook, what the hell did I even type that you can disagree with? *sigh* N4G
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xHarvey  +   1885d ago
That's a good question. I've never played the first one. From what I've seen though your actions can lead to a different outcome? correct me if I'm wrong. If so then carrying over your save would be neat like ME2 and WKC2.
SG-17  +   1885d ago
You mentioned Mass Effect. My god the people here are such fanboys it is ridiculous. This is coming from someone who only owns a PS3 too.
Redempteur  +   1885d ago
in the GOOD path , cole realise that he want to live with people while wondering how long this peacefull interraction will last until he is betrayed again .

ON the evil path , empire city is poor and destroyed and Cole is rulling by fear over the citizens of the city because it became somewhat a lawless zone ...
ShinMaster  +   1885d ago
What the heck are you talking about? There was no fanboyism in his comment!
KiasuKiasiMan  +   1885d ago
Actually I think it'll go the good path by default.

I think it's like the Command and Conquer series.

The next game usually or always follows the story-line of the "good guys" with it being the only story that's canon while the story-line with the bad guys winning is non-canon.
xHarvey  +   1885d ago
@ ShinoGino
I think SG-17 know that there isn't any fanboyism in Blaze929 comment. I think he was just explaining to blaze why he got a disagree from fanboys(not him) just because he mentioned mass effect. That's the way I read it, could be wrong.
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ShinMaster  +   1884d ago
Ah ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
thereapersson  +   1885d ago
Shit, man
I cannot WAIT for E3! So many surprises this year, and so many more to go. I'm glad we surpassed the PS3 slump long ago, because it's almost becoming too much to take in, with all the epic titles being either shown or released for the PS3.

inFAMOUS is one of the most enjoyable games I've played this entire generation. Great gameplay, well-rendered city, wonderful comic book-esque story presentation, and characters that actually matter for once. I just hope they fix some of the repetitive mission structure that the first title relied on at times.

So stoked for inFAMOUS 2!
Brewski007  +   1885d ago
New orleans would be cool , it DOES look very similar alright, but it might just be trying to throw people off a scent. Something like washington or california-based might be more scaleable in terms of size considering empire city was modeled on a huge new york.
play17boy  +   1885d ago
London please...
nygamer28  +   1885d ago
i hope this game doesnt blow like the first one did....IN MY OPINION!!!!
pwnsause  +   1885d ago
you must have a bad taste for games then if you didnt like Infamous.
nygamer28  +   1885d ago

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dreamcast  +   1885d ago

You should respect their opinion amirite?
TOO PAWNED  +   1885d ago
Your opinion? You have never played Infamous, so dont try to force your FALSE opinion on us. You try too much to convince people this is where you fail kid. THAT IS WHY you get disagrees.
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pxpxp  +   1885d ago
can i ask
what do you consider to be a good game (this gen)? that should clear everything up
nygamer28  +   1885d ago

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pxpxp  +   1885d ago
yup that clears it up. Gears2? haha
cLiCK_sLiCK9  +   1884d ago
More importantly, can you tell us why you didnt like Infamous? With cap-OFF please. Maybe if you supported your opinion with couple clear examples, then you wouldnt have been "DISAGREED" so much.

PM me since you are out of bubbles.....
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djfullshred  +   1884d ago
lol, people are disagreeing with you on principle now...because your first comment was just trolling.
Jeff257  +   1885d ago
Im liking the new look and I cant wait to see what new powers we get and what city we play in. Whether its New Oreleans or London or some other city doesnt matter to me. This is a day one buy.
NYC_Gamer  +   1885d ago
i'll buy the first one with that ds3 combo...
LordMarius  +   1885d ago
Its easy to guess why they changed his appearance, they are making a movie so they need the character to look like some actor.

ok Sony no more reveals, just wait for E3 now......k just give me Motorstorm 3 then wait for E3
Tony-A  +   1885d ago
Agree if you're excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
Darkfiber  +   1885d ago
Great so you'll die every 2 feet from falling in water because of the flood?
Redempteur  +   1885d ago
AH AH CATHERINA was one of the effects of the beast !!

Now everything make sense ....
SG-17  +   1885d ago
Redempteur  +   1885d ago
oh is it ? thanks for the info it was so long ago the correct name was off in my mind
gamerzBEreal17  +   1885d ago
i kinda wanted to finish coles story tho *spoiler****

u know the end is just a big cliff hanger u find out hes the cole from the future and bad shit happends in the future and then cole is getting ready to face that big monster guy? idkk
BeaArthur  +   1885d ago
As long as it's not back in Empire City I'm fine. I liked Empire City but I'm also ready for a change of venue.
N4BmpS  +   1885d ago
Holy Crap Sony you're taking my money ( along with a few other companies)what in the world do they have planned at E3?
sandtug008  +   1885d ago
The first was great but it dose need a face lift. SP needs to do somthing amazing with coles powers mabey expand them to other elements like being able to control the earth
HurstDarkStar  +   1885d ago
i hope theres a character that cn morpth metal, not just throw it around im mean really use metal to their advantage
kanetheking  +   1885d ago
cole in the art
looks like a young Nathan hale lol.
Fireseed  +   1885d ago
Now I gotta get a PS3, I had the chance to play the first on my room mates PS3 but now I'm screwed cause I NEED this game.
tiamat5  +   1885d ago
Why would he go somewhere else. For those who played the game many things were left unresolved in the city.SPOILER.KIND OF. Most of his main enemies were not confirmed to be dead and Zeke still has to pay for what he did. Plus the monster originated Empire city. So Cole can't go anywhere until he's finished what he started.
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Zydake  +   1885d ago
Chippy agrees
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1884d ago
It's Empire City in the future. I can confirm this. Chill out, guys.

That's still Cole, but it's concept art. The concept art from the first game didn't look like Cole either.
Zydake  +   1884d ago
Confirm? WHAT DO YOU KNOW!?!?
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1884d ago
You got some Resistance in my inFamous! Nathan! What are you doing? You don't belong in Empire City!

Lol. I love concept art. Anyone remember the early DMC4 trailer that had Dante looking like Judd Nelson. :)
solidt12  +   1884d ago
Wow it feels like E3 already when it comes to Sony. I am surprised to hear about this game before E3.
Arnon  +   1884d ago
Yeah that's either New Orleans or London. Either way, that cant be Cole. Unless he somehow had a facelift and changed the bone-structure of his face and head over the course of however long it is, that cant be Cole.
djfullshred  +   1884d ago
LOL, I am guessing that cover is just a mag cover, and nothing at all to do with the actual graphic design of the next game. It's concept art, as others point out.
darren_poolies  +   1884d ago
I believe that you won't play as Cole in this game anyway. Has anyone thought about the possibility of playing as the guy Kesslar was training you to fight in Infamous 1? To build up his powers and see why he goes dark-side?

You heard it here first.
Apolloeye  +   1884d ago
Look like London
Looks like London to me, see picky...

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Silentmerc3nary  +   1884d ago
I loved inFamous. Only reason I bought a PS3. That and for Blu-ray.
This one looks badass.

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