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SEGA "taking a look at" Online Pass system

EA Sports and THQ may not be the only ones thinking about charging for access to their games' online components should you pick up a second hand copy. Now, SEGA West President Mike Hayes has revealed that his company is also "taking a look at" the system. (EA, Industry, PS3, Sega, THQ, Xbox 360)

T9X69  +   1512d ago
What in the hell games to Sega have that are actually good anymore?
Yi-Long  +   1512d ago
Wouldn't be the first time Sega has made a dumb-ass decision...
...it's incredible the giant gap that's forming this generation between what gamers want from this hobby, and how developers feel they should treat their customers and their entertainment. Sadly.
Elven6  +   1512d ago
I'm trying to think of any good SEGA online games made in past years but I'm having trouble, they've mostly been singleplayer experiences for consoles. I guess Virtua Fighter 5? I just hope this doesn't mean they tack on crappy multiplayer solely to charge if they go this route.

Seriously though, I don't care if the code is included with the game, I don't want enter a book full of codes to access features that were already unlocked in previous years! The companies are banking on two things,

1. Someone would accidentally buy a subscription not realizing they got a code in the box.
2. Someone buys a subscription to a dead or crappy online game
dizzleK  +   1512d ago
hahaha that's rich. good luck with that sega considering you're possibly the worst publisher this gen. do they even have an games with an online presence?
koh  +   1512d ago
This plague will kill a lot of good publishers, but SEGA isn't one of them.
Rocket Sauce  +   1512d ago
If this becomes the standard, I'm just gonna start stealing games.
Dom_Sacco  +   1512d ago
Credit where credit is due, Gamerzines
No link credit in your story? No link to MCV on your article? Tut tut.
NYPunk88  +   1512d ago
So I've added EA and Sega to the boycott list.

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kanetheking  +   1512d ago
why do the rubbish pub
try and rape us.we buy the game for the online to if u don't give me what i pay for then i am not buying.man is EA and SAGE the ryanair of gameing
squallheart  +   1512d ago
this will only effect used games people not if you buy it new. They loose money on used games so they are trying to fight it. If you are to cheap to buy new then just rent the dam game (though i dont know how that works). I for one am happy for this. The developers will get their cut finaly.
koh  +   1512d ago
No it effects everyone. First the online component of the game will only work on one console. If you want to bring it to a friends house or you own multiple then you're shit out of luck. It will also lower the resale value if you plan to sell the game back, since it will essentially be a stripped version of the game you are selling.
I think I'll be playing NHL10 for a while.
NYPunk88  +   1512d ago
They already made their money from the first sale. If they wanted to recoup the revenue from used game sales isn't that what the DLC is for? Greedy bastards! I'm not buying a game from any distributer that starts this little practice. I DONT NEED YOUR GAME THAT BAD.
hazelamy  +   1512d ago
When a game is purchased new, EA makes money. When that same game is re-sold, EA does not make money on the sale, but there has been no net change in the number of players using the infrastructure. In fact, they may make more off that disc by re-selling downloadable content already purchased by the original owner that is then subsequently purchased by the second owner.
The point remains, EA’s business model has to contemplate a needed infrastructure based on the number of discs in circulation, and a used game market does not impact the disc volume in circulation
Rocket Sauce  +   1512d ago
People have been buying used games forever. How are they losing money?

The whole idea of holding half of a game for ransom is so incredibly greedy, it makes me doubt they're going to give any of this money to developers.
Yi-Long  +   1512d ago
Not just that...
... I wouldn't be surprised if this kinda practice goes against consumer-law here in Europe.
NecrumSlavery  +   1512d ago
Is this a case where COD and Guitar Hero have seperate fees?
sonicsidewinder  +   1512d ago
I hope they're 'taking a look' at putting the idea in a bin.
hazelamy  +   1512d ago
picture the last scene from the italian job, the original, at the back of the bus is piles of money, but getting to it could tip you over a cliff, at the front is customer satisfaction, safe but doesn't have the mountains of cash, though unlike the movie you still turn a profit.
which way will these's publishers go, will they listen to to what their customers want or will greed tip them over a cliff.

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