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Submitted by SebTh 2077d ago | video

Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution - E3-Trailer now available

The first Trailer - yes, it's the E3-Trailer - for the upcoming Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution is now available. (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Malebaria  +   2077d ago
What a well done trailer! Looking promissing,just need some gameplay footage at E3 now.
Timesplitter14  +   2077d ago
This trailer seriously was fucking fantastic.

wow. I have hope in Deus Ex 3 again.

It probably won't be a true Deus Ex game (according to what we've heard so far) but that doesn't mean it's gonna be a bad game. Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 weren't true to their origins but I still enjoyed them immensely.
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jesuisankit  +   2077d ago
Super Super awesome trailer.. This is how a trailer should be like.. I am psyched for the game.
rockleex  +   2077d ago
I bet it was Square Enix...
That got Eidos to do Deux Ex again.

If you look at the credits, it seems like the CGI was done by Japanese.

I hope Square Enix is able to mix the eastern talents with the western talents from Eidos and come up with a gem!
Inferno  +   2077d ago
Hype meter increased by 124%
Inside_out  +   2077d ago
That trailer looks incredible...fantastic story...some Matrix going on in there....VERY EXPENSIVE looking...Have to watch this another ten times at

This game is why Obama doesn't want kids playing video games...lots of conspiracies in this't wait for some in game stuff...
menoyou  +   2077d ago
Awesome trailer. It's sad we won't have this technology in 2027 like they show thanks to liberals spending all our money and time trying to make everyone feel "equal" and bailing out businesses. Capitalism would have brought this technology in 2027.
Gladiator7  +   2077d ago
nice trailer, dunno about the game.
MechaGear  +   2077d ago
jawdropping cg
Godmars290  +   2077d ago
So who wants to bet that actual gameplay isn't half as good as the CG?
TOO PAWNED  +   2077d ago
Half!? How about 1/3 of that
MechaGear  +   2077d ago
I bet all my bubbles that the actual gamplay isn't half as good.
Then again it might still be pretty awesome. ;)
tdrules  +   2077d ago
The first Deus Ex has some of the best gameplay ever.
Can't say the same about the consolized Invisible War, so you may have a point.
RedSky  +   2077d ago
Hard to say. The trailer being incredible has more to do with the fact that Square Enix was responsible for it than anything else.
hoops  +   2077d ago
Here's hoping they don't gimp the hell out of the PC version for the sakes of the PS3 and Xbox360 version
yoshiro  +   2077d ago
simply amazing...and that scene at the end...omg!
ArchangelMike  +   2077d ago
I've played the first two games, and I have to say neither of them were at the top of their graphical game at the time of their release... but But, the gameplay is all where it's at. Don't get me wrong I do want a cutting edge graphical experience with my game, but all I'm saying is with the Deus Ex series, the gameplay coupled with the branching story have always been it's biggest selling point.
RedPawn  +   2077d ago
That was a Fan Fucking Tastic Teaser Trailer, and I never played the first two.

Bad day for the guardsman on patrol, who got his neck brocken about 5 times with that arm.
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retrofly  +   2077d ago
Seems like it would make a good film :)
HarryM  +   2077d ago
I've never played any Deus EX games before.
Xpandemic  +   2077d ago
OMFG did you see that? He turned invisible! This game does look promising though
KionicWarlord222  +   2077d ago
bryt  +   2077d ago
The Deus Ex 3 devs claimed at GDC that they were taking their gameplay and story inspiration more from the first Deus Ex... i hope that is true. That trailer looks amazing, and very inspiring if it represents what the game is going to be about in any accurate sense... but its a trailer, so... whatever. I really like the art direction they are pushing with it... i just have always wishes that a Deus Ex game could have the open world feel of many of the Rockstar games, even if it is drastically cut back for "globalisation" efforts.
Timesplitter14  +   2077d ago
Yeah but unfortunately I heard the devs say in an interview that the game will be more shooting-oriented than the past games. I just hope they still keep the open-ended aspects
bog_ger  +   2077d ago
This is just epic, in my point of view, the best trailer of this year so far.
crysis12  +   2077d ago
Love the part at the end where he smashes through the wall and kills the soldier, reminds me of the first Iron Man where he did the same thing.

This trailer is movie quality, some of the best visuals i have ever seen.
frankymv  +   2077d ago
What about gameplay?
Timesplitter14  +   2077d ago
That's for E3.
madkrazygames  +   2077d ago
Yea I agree with bro, I'm hoping the gameplay can match the CGI. Hopefully they will show some gameplay footage at E3. Is this a FPS or a TPS?


Ok it's FPS, but I'm having my doubts already about this title. I just read that it's using the "Tomb Raider:Underworld engine" but it's heavily modified. Well there goes my hopes that it will like the trailer.
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Bluemaster77  +   2077d ago
This was an Epic Trailer Please return Deus Ex back to its former glory this was literally my favorite game ever
jadnice  +   2077d ago
Graphically it will never....
This game will not even come close to the CGI trailer we just saw. The number one reason is its also on the 360 and that automatically means a step down in what the game graphically could have been had it been developed only for the PS3.

So with that... let hope for a solid gameplay and story element.
Charmers  +   2077d ago
"This game will not even come close to the CGI trailer we just saw. The number one reason is its also on the PS3 and 360 and that automatically means a step down in what the game graphically could have been had it been developed only for the PC."

There I fixed your statement for you, that better reflects the reality of how Deus Ex a PC franchise has been butchered to death thanks to the casual and console crowd.
jadnice  +   2077d ago
Another correction...
My friend lets never make the mistake of comparing or grouping the superior graphical/physics rendering of the PS3 to the (proven time and time again)lesser of the 360.

Yes the PC will forever be the graphics god.
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hoops  +   2077d ago
Charmers Bubbles for you. You nailed it exactly. If anyone is saying its just the Xbox360 that will have this version gimped, you're smoking cheap drugs. It's CONSOLES that will do it. PS3 and Xbox360.
I for one would love to see the PC version support DX11 fully with shader model 5.0 and Tessalation. Something these consoles do not have.
This game can easily come close if not the CG trailer for the PC version...but that will never happen as they will lower the standards because of thr console versions.
Charmers  +   2077d ago
They are both consoles, I personally couldn't care less which console YOU think is "superior". I happen to think both are crap myself but there you go. However I am not going to get into a debate with you about how you think the PS3 is uber powerful and all that rubbish.

The fact is Deus Ex 1 was a fantastic game on the PC, then they tried to appease the console crowd with Deus Ex 2 and that turned to crap. I don't have high hopes for Deus Ex 3. The only way this game can be fully realised is if it is kept on the PC only.

The fact they are showing this flashy "ohhh" and "ahhh" trailer shows the crowd they are appealing too.
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Aphe  +   2077d ago
Yeah it was a kick in the teeth to see what Deus Ex 2 turned out like. Nothing like the first one really. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one, but it will still be gimped because it's coming out on consoles again.
champ21  +   2077d ago

Yes there might be a difference between the PS3 and 360, however as a PC gamer i see it as minimal. Since PC tech is currently so far ahead, those differences which you mention between PS3 ad 360 become irrelevant.

They are both seen as out dated techs. Sony may be huffing and puffing about how good the RSX Cell combo is, however till date they dont have a game out that looks better then crysis running on a 3yr old 8800gtx + dual core cpu.
LinuxGuru  +   2077d ago
I really enjoyed the first two games.

Something about Deus Ex and its atmosphere really grabs my attention.

I can tell that the trailer was made using in-game assets with CGI enhancements. That seems to be the normal route they take now.

I can safely assume that the character models will be close to what we saw, but less polys and worse animation (obviously).
Hades1337  +   2077d ago
The story of the Deus Ex games is the hook in my eyes - they deal with conspiracy theories such as Area 51 and the Illumiati - very interesting.
Xfanboy  +   2077d ago
nice trailer!!!!
seems like story could be good to!!!
Kingdom Come  +   2077d ago
Is it me or does the Doctor on the Operation section sound like Brian Cox?
Tetsuryu  +   2077d ago
That and the protagonist sounding a lot like Christian Bale.
failsoles  +   2077d ago
I hope lolsolization doenst take too much of an effect on this one.
edoman20  +   2077d ago
hope it will be like the first

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Pandamobile  +   2077d ago
I find it awesome that it takes place in a futuristic Detroit, cus that's only a few kilometers from where I live :P
Sharky5  +   2077d ago
Nice style
I luv the blade runner look and feel
R_aVe_N  +   2077d ago
What system were the first 2 on? I missed them down the road I guess might play them. If you game is half as fun as the trailer is I am sold.
STONEY4  +   2077d ago
PC, the first one (which is really the only one you should play) is pretty dated, even a laptop with crappy Nvidia or ATI integrated graphics (not sure about intel mobility graphics though, but it's old enough to where they might run it fine) could run it.

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