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Malebaria2848d ago

What a well done trailer! Looking promissing,just need some gameplay footage at E3 now.

Timesplitter142848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

This trailer seriously was fucking fantastic.

wow. I have hope in Deus Ex 3 again.

It probably won't be a true Deus Ex game (according to what we've heard so far) but that doesn't mean it's gonna be a bad game. Fallout 3 and Resident Evil 5 weren't true to their origins but I still enjoyed them immensely.

jesuisankit2848d ago

Super Super awesome trailer.. This is how a trailer should be like.. I am psyched for the game.

rockleex2848d ago

That got Eidos to do Deux Ex again.

If you look at the credits, it seems like the CGI was done by Japanese.

I hope Square Enix is able to mix the eastern talents with the western talents from Eidos and come up with a gem!

Inferno2848d ago

Hype meter increased by 124%

Inside_out2848d ago

That trailer looks incredible...fantastic story...some Matrix going on in there....VERY EXPENSIVE looking...Have to watch this another ten times at

This game is why Obama doesn't want kids playing video games...lots of conspiracies in this't wait for some in game stuff...

menoyou2848d ago

Awesome trailer. It's sad we won't have this technology in 2027 like they show thanks to liberals spending all our money and time trying to make everyone feel "equal" and bailing out businesses. Capitalism would have brought this technology in 2027.

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Gladiator72848d ago

nice trailer, dunno about the game.

Godmars2902848d ago

So who wants to bet that actual gameplay isn't half as good as the CG?

TOO PAWNED2848d ago

Half!? How about 1/3 of that

MechaGear2848d ago

I bet all my bubbles that the actual gamplay isn't half as good.
Then again it might still be pretty awesome. ;)

tdrules2848d ago

The first Deus Ex has some of the best gameplay ever.
Can't say the same about the consolized Invisible War, so you may have a point.

RedSky2848d ago

Hard to say. The trailer being incredible has more to do with the fact that Square Enix was responsible for it than anything else.

hoops2848d ago

Here's hoping they don't gimp the hell out of the PC version for the sakes of the PS3 and Xbox360 version

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yoshiro2848d ago

simply amazing...and that scene at the end...omg!

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The story is too old to be commented.