Killer God of War III Deal is Fit for the Gods

If you haven’t picked up God of War III yet, (what the Hades is wrong with you?) then now is definitely the time to pick up what is one of the very best PlayStation 3 title ever released, and one of the most epic games in history.

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M-Easy2993d ago

Well, what are you waiting for? Go buy it now!

Irnbruguy2993d ago

Just bought the god of war collection for £17 last night.
bargin tbh..

Plancy2993d ago

i buy my games used :). But this is an okay deal I suppose, gamestop also lists it as 39.99, possibly a permanent price drop.

Johnny Jiron2993d ago

but I just bought Modnation and Alan Wake for $50 together off of Amazon(they have such nice deals and offers). Theyve had God of War 3 at $45 prior for a good while now so I don't expect the price to rise sharply anytime soon, I'll def pick it up soon.

I only hesitate since I've never been a fan of those kinda games until Bayonetta showed up...

CR-Y-SIS2993d ago

I bought this great deal yesterday.

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