Why Do We Play Games?

We play games for many reasons, to enjoy the story, to enjoy the gameplay or just to looks cool when playing a game at 1080p, i'm going to be talking about the many factory on why we play games, before I start, I am not a fanboy, I own all consoles and have played quite a lot of games. So lets get this started

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GWAVE2964d ago

We play games in order to rally behind our favorite company, argue about sales and attach rates, and bash the competition.

According to N4G...

yess2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Good one GWAVE lol

We are addicted, to it...

I remember the good times, when going to the local gameshop coming home with 3 or 4 games, where i really only wanted to buy 1.
But the games was a secret in the old days, and when you went for that 1 game, you just simply couldent resist buying the other games hidding on the shelf which you had not heard about.

For exsample GTAIII..I did not know whay i bought, but i was addicted to that game for more than 3 years...And i still love it as the best gamming exsperience i ever have had..Even though i had been playing the earlier instalments on pc..

But now back to the web, to check out whats in the store for tomorrow...

Game on

knight6262964d ago

yup we play so we could split the gamers between ps3 and xbox then make a website to make them fight to the death through articles just like this this website is known as

sikbeta2963d ago

We Play Games cos Gaming is Awesome and that's IT!

Redgehammer2963d ago

I play games for the same reason I read books, and that is for complete escapism and for the journey. I know for me personally video games have been a part of my life for 35 years and in that time games helped bring me out of some dark and miserable places; and helped me cope with PTSD much better than any drug ever prescribed to me was ever able to achieve. I could very easily be prescribed body and mind numbing drugs, and if I didn't have video games to help take my mind away from my body, I probably would still be attached to opiates rather than attached to my controller.
@Gwave: your statement is sadly accurate, but i disagreed with you because I just have to disagree with that concept and will resist ever subscribing to such a dogmatic and misguided view on gaming (not your view i realize, but one that seems to exist nonetheless. have a bubble for speaking a form of truth ..... according to N4G

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Meowhammad2963d ago

But, HHG can't spell that well...

sid4gamerfreak2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Because without games, HHg wouldn't have his vidicles...

And we wouldn't be able to bash him...

The question is not why we play games, its

"Why shouldn't we play games?"

Dramscus2963d ago

That was a bland article

PHOSADRA2963d ago

We play games to have fun ^.^

nygamer282963d ago


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