OnLive UK release date is 'end of 2011'

BT has revealed that the UK release date for Cloud gaming system OnLive won't arrive until the end of next year.

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josh143992994d ago

perhaps by then i will have superfast broadband but even then im not sure on the idea of onlive. i meant to be getting an 8meg connection but most the time its about 6 which isnt good enough for onlive considering im not the only one who uses the internet in my house. i still cant see how they can have low enough latency for smooth gameplay.

Hideo_Kojima2994d ago

6mbs is enough for streaming HD video.

I am meant to be getting 8mb but the maximum I can get in my area is 4 because there are no fiber optic cables so you really shouldn't be complaining your pretty close to the max copper line internet speed.

Virgin Media streams HD video through BT Lines as well so say you had Virgin Media your internet would slow down just as much as it would slow down if you were on OnLive as both require 4mb per second.

If you want to be able to use OnLive or Virgin Media you need to upgrade to a fiber optic package of 10mb+ so that when you are using this HD video streaming services you can be sure that you won't slow down the internet for everyone else.

ian722994d ago

I don't think Broadband in the UK is good enough yet, and doubt it will be at the end of 2011. I have upto 20meg speed here with an average of around 8meg, at peak times it can get as low as 1meg though. And thats with fibreoptic cable. I did have broadband through BT phoneline and that was really terrible, couldn't stream SD video without loads of buffering.

HarryM2994d ago long as you're with Virgin Media. They have insane speeds..

Anarki2994d ago

But virgin only do fibreoptics to a small portion of the UK. I just wish BT would hurry their ass up and sort fibre optics out

Hideo_Kojima2994d ago

I heard Virgin media limit your speed down to 512kb/s if you use it a lot during peak hours.

So I would not recommend them if you want to play OnLive during those evening hours as you would be put on the slower service for 4 hours every night.

mac4u102994d ago

1meg on fiber optic huh how can that be, i would sue them for that.

thor2994d ago

BT are upgrading most of the lines to "BT Infinity" fibre-optic broadband during 2011. So it may be good enough we will see.

hoolesy2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Perhaps no, in light of UK and it's pathetic copper wire rip off. 1.3mb if I'm lucky. FED UP :o(

iamgoatman2994d ago

You're one of the lucky ones, some of us can't get broadband at all, not even 256kbps.

I live less than 5 miles from my local exchange, and have an engineer test the line every 6 months or so, and nothing.

BT doesn't have any interest in supplying broadband to rural areas, but are now laying fibre-optic lines so some bloke in a city can load his emails in a second, instead of a second and a half.

MGOelite2994d ago

im currently paying for 20mb connection with talk talk, at peak times i usually geet about 850kbps

Wrathman2994d ago

your on talk sorry to hear that.thats 1 hell of a piss poor service.

BeaArthur2994d ago

Hopefully for their sake they will be able to work out all the issues it seems to have by then.

AliTheBrit192994d ago

Lol, I doubt so very much that this will ever work how its supposed to

I can imagine a crazy buggy launch, and it not being straightened out until say Mid 2012? and even then, you would have to have the best bloody connection available in the UK.

christian hour2994d ago

Hmmm, perhaps the owners of onLive know this, and they're just trying to get everyones money right away so they can live their lives as millionaires before 2012 hits and everyone dies and they wont have to fix any bugs then :P

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