Critical Gamer: Fist of the North Star at MCM 2010

Critical Gamer writes: Crammed full of manga and anime fans (many of them fanatical enough to cosplay) as it was, the two day MCM Expo in London was surely the perfect place to host the first non – Japanese public presentation of the new Fist Of The North Star game. If you’re not familiar with the franchise, then all you really need to know is a) it involves lots of fighting, and b) whenever you speak or hear the words ‘Fist Of The North Star’, the words ‘exploding heads’ are never far behind.

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scruffy_bear2996d ago

Can't wait for Fist of The North Star glad it be getting a EU release

Cubes2996d ago

Too true Scruffy, it looks good.

camehlheon2995d ago

Played the Japanese version, and I must say it's quite disappointing. Too bad because I love the anime. Combos are always the same, gameplay is veeeery linear etc. The cinematics look awesome though, and there are good ideas. But overall pretty disappointing.