MS rebuts South African Xbox claims

Microsoft has denied claims made by a South African distributor that “Xbox360 has had a rather rough time in South Africa”.

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GUCommander3028d ago

It's had a rather rough time everywhere....My 5th one just broke a month ago and I refuse to get another one.

GWAVE3028d ago


This is yet another example of Microsoft getting up-in-arms at ANY bad press. They're used to manipulating the press, and so when the press doesn't go their way, they get really nervous.

*see the last 20+ years of Microsoft's history for reference

Wrathman3028d ago Show
claterz3028d ago

lol Wrathman the fact is Sony did something about the problem, MS just renamed the problem to make people think they fixed it.

KingME3028d ago

What is it that sony did?

zag3028d ago

Whats the problem with the fat PS3s?

I got a launch one works fine, also got a 2gen one as well works fine.


It's nice to see a fellow gamer with a brain. Msnbc, that's bill gates' baby

sikbeta3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )


A PS3 "refurb" Last Much More than any x360, RROD is not a matter of time, it's a matter how many Fixes you get...


This was cos the other article last week, right? nothing happened anyways...

Anon19743028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I remember reading about retailers in Australia who were stuck with thousands of busted 360's that Microsoft refused to take back and consequently quit stocking the 360.

Also, Microsoft's practice of replacing busted 360's with refurbished units was against Australian trade and consumer protection laws, although I don't know if they found a way around that or not. As long as Microsoft keeps sending out refurbished, broken consoles to replace existing broken consoles, they're always going to have an issue - until that 3 year warranty is up. I'm in that boat right now, on my 4th console with no more warranty. Needless to say, I'm not buying many 360 games at this point. There's no way in hell I'm buying another 360 when my 4th unit kicks the bucket.

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failsoles3028d ago

"Things break" lol

I would rather have hardware i can repair and replace myself. Relying on console makers to get their act together sees hopeless. Its either RROD or YLOD.

SuperStrokey11233028d ago

Yes cause we all want to work at maintaining our computers... Sometimes its juset easier to have a simple console. PC elitests boogle the mind. Fine you liek teh PC more, good for you, now go play it and dont cut down other peoples choices. I honestly think PC elitests (not pc gamers as they are very different) are far and away the worst fanboys.

SOAD3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

My friend got RROD and fixed it himself for about 5 bucks. He brought Nylon clamps from Home Depot. It was easy. This RROD problem only affects Microsoft's publicity. To the average individual, fixing the RROD is as simple as changing a light bulb. But people like to complain and talk about how they've gone through 5 or 6 Xbox 360's because of RROD. If those people are sincere then I sincerely think they are mentally retarded because repairing a 360 is a very straight-forward process.

IdleLeeSiuLung3028d ago

I haven't had a problem with my multiple Xbox 360s, PS3 or even the Wii albet the Wii almost never get used.

I think the YLOD and RROD is overrated these days. It might have been a problem as evident by all the bad 360s and the occasional few PS3s in the past, but now a days the true danger is really (and was last generation) is the disc read error from normal wear and tear. It affects any disc based console so I install all my games if possible!!!

zag3028d ago

It's mainly because I can drop an old GFX card that probably out does the PS3 and the 360 together GFX wise and drop in a new ATi duel 5890 GFX card or 2 and simply play games over 6 screens, if the game can support that sort of res.

PC gaming is the bleeding edge currently consoles are getting games as they can some what compare to old PC game standards but I reckon by the end of the year the PC will start getting games again because the tech is there.

Consoles while good are held back by tech and it's simply people getting better with coding and working the machine that get the better console games out the door.

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Obama3028d ago

Bungie aka redringoflife stop pretending you have a ps3 lol.

Redrum0593028d ago

Good one Mr.President. Now right this way sir.

catguykyou3028d ago

Why. You don't have to pay for a new one unless you modded it. Why not make microsoft pay for every single defective unit? That's what the three year warranty is for. It even renews if you hav to use it. Just seems like you aren't helping the situation any...

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JustTheFactsMr3028d ago

Launch PS3. Still working and still cheaper than a PC. HDMI 1.4 compatible, Blu-ray. Unified on-line. User upgradeable HDD. Now at $299. Including free stereoscopic 3D upgrade for both Blu-ray movies and Blu-ray games.

They can call me again when PC mfgs are giving me free 3D cards for that 4 year old PC that would now be obsolete and can't keep up with the times without raping my wallet again. And cost twice as much to start with.

The same one the blind PC fanboys were running around claiming was inherently more flexible and upgradeable for your future. Just like they are now. Clueless as to the meaning of firmware and how it has changed the playing field. The superior solution outdone by a free upgrade from a lowly console. Funny stuff.

PC's are overpriced maintenance nightmares in comparison. Nobody testing to make sure things work together. Too many configurations so you spend half your time hoping the next driver fix for game x won't break the library of half your other games. You know all the things the zealots pretend don't exist.

PS3 failure rate lower than PC's. Wii even lower. 360 astronomically higher.

Most of the world doesn't care about PC gaming on their HDTV's. Everyone is hooking up consoles. They prefer a SD Wii over 8000x8000 pixels maintenance nightmare called a PC. The want to play games in a plug and play fashion.

The geeks with 24" monitors sitting two feet away however are in heaven with a screen size that doesn't actually provide them with benefits the PC offers. And they have no money left over for a nice 60" HDTV because their PC has kept them in the poor house. Funny stuff.

failsoles3028d ago

You forgot to add up the royalties you paid per game :P add those in and by now the PS3 cost you a lot more then a PC, unless you just use the PS3 as a bluray player and dont really play games.

JustTheFactsMr3028d ago

You pay more for all the piracy on PC's. I guess publishers have to charge all the honest people more to cover the piracy costs on the PC and their DRM implementations that don't work.

Call of Duty:MW2 - 59.99 on PS3.

Call of Duty:MW2 - 59.99 on Windows

Assassin's Creed II - 39.99 on PS3

Assassin's Creed II - 59.99 on Windows

Also funny how I don't see too many PC options for cheaper used versions.

Neither do I have to fret my used game install is going fail because of the scratches on my inferior DVD media. Never worry about it with Blu-ray's coating. Buy used with confidence. Like brand new.

So your paying more for hardware and software and have limited access to used games on media that is more fragile.

Plus no HD Blu-ray movies on a big screen.

While people can get everything for $299 and have the option of both HD movies and games. I guess that's why your so bitter about the only watch movies comment. You know it's going to cost you more money you don't have because of PC gaming costs. So your left out from a full HD xp on a big screen TV.

Time to make up some other bullcrap for the third or fourth time. You know when the facts fail you.

failsoles3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Good job mentioned 2 games that are overpriced lol and ignoring the fact that you pay extra royalty on every other game.

Consoles are a DRM it self. Have fun trying to play ps3 games on the PS4 cause there is no gaurantee it will work. Sony might as well charge you for enhanced PS4 versions. except when PS5 launches you might have to be paying againg for the enhanced PS5 versions. Just like whats happening with PS2 games for PS3 now.

Oh and regarding your used game prices they are a rip off, and watch as the devs put in measures to eliminate that pretty soon, they already are.

We have something call DD, which will become standard on consoles a gen or 2 later. Just like HD is not standard on consoles.

Bluray can easily be fitted on a PC, but guess what its not needed lol. There is plenty of HD DD content.

SuperStrokey11233028d ago

Looks like you hit a nerve, with failsoles. Hes likely crying into his keyboard right now.

Gotta love how he just decides whats real and whats not. Console gaming is just my perferred choice, enjoy yours but dont be a baby cause our choices are not the same.

JustTheFactsMr3028d ago

Your the one that asserted console games are higher and I pay more for software. Not me. And that cost was much higher and made the overall cost of ownership of console was higher. The burden of proof was on you. You failed. Spectacularly. I picked the popular games that people buy and therefore would be relevant.

I have a launch 60Gb upgraded to 250Gb. PS2 games are working just fine. So is the PS2 for that matter.
Still on the market 10 years on. How about those old PC interfaces/motherboards you have lying around? Got them working with the latest video cards yet? LOL. $99 for a new PS2. Funny stuff.

"Oh and regarding your used game prices they are a rip off, and watch as the devs put in measures to eliminate that pretty soon, they already are. "

You mean like they already have with PC's? Is that your way of admitting I'm benefitting from lower prices and more freedom and your not. My discs are spotless and your inspecting yours for scratches. Funny stuff. Maybe you should just stop digging your hole deeper. Right now all the games I've bought play on all the consoles in our home for all the people with their own on-line ID's. How about your superior PC games?

"We have something call DD, which will become standard on consoles a gen or 2 later.

Already have it on PSN plus I can go to one place to re-download everything. Full Blu-ray based disc games have been available for a few years now. Try and stay up to speed. Although I can see why you thought you were making a positive point about PC's. You just don't know that PSN games are gigabytes already. Demos come in at multi-gigabyte. Right now I get the benefit of either choice like PC's do. Except my physical media doesn't scratch like the "superior" PC's does.

DD works on all the consoles in our house as well. Hows the PC DRM that allows installing on one machine at a time going. Hopefully you have a spreadsheet somewhere to keep track of each publishers different way of doing things and your software inventory when your HDD dies. The countless hours tracking thru it and downloading everything again from multiple sites. I'll be going to one place while you cry when your HDD crashes.

"Bluray can easily be fitted on a PC, but guess what its not needed lol. "

So your admitting DVD is a scratch fest. Since you didn't refute that point either. And it costs you even more money than you claimed to come up to speed of those lowly consoles. Yep I can see now why you think PC's are superior. Funny stuff. Spend even more money to match that lowly inferior console. Your killing me.

And how much again for a 7.1 lossless sound card? Yep more money.

"There is plenty of HD DD content."

PSN has HD movies for rent or purchase from all the major studios plus everyone else. All in one place. Or Youtube if desired. What was the PC advantage of DD again? Funny stuff.


Neither do I. PC's are great. On a 27" iMac right now in fact.

Just not the zealots that crash every console thread to tell everyone that a $299 machine that has 3D (free upgrade), HDMI, Blu-ray, user replaceable HDD, 7.1 lossless sound, blutooth, single network sign-on, HD movies and games doesn't have significant advantages over PC's.

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ProjectVulcan3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Wow. Talk about an anti Pc rant. Everyone should be able to recognise the benefits of console gaming. Hardware cost, relative simplicity and standardisation etc but should also realise the benefits of PC, namely cheap software and being on the cutting edge of gaming technology. Sure you could argue all day about 3D gaming, playing games on a HDTV, maintenance this and that, but all that is fuss and hot air. Pc is every bit as viable a platform for games as any console with strengths that for millions far outweigh the weaknesses.

Which is why i would rather play as many games as i possibly could on my PC, with a HDTV and a monster sound system. The ones i cant, i will of course play on the consoles....

Colonel-Killzone3028d ago

END OF THE DAY CONSOLE GAMERS LIKE THEIR CONSOLES. PC GAMERS LIKE THEIR PC. Seriously just agree to disagree. Because you can bash consoles all day I will still play it regardless of any crap you wanna say. And people can bash the PC all day and people will still play their PC. Seriously this debate and argument gets old and tiring. The thing I love with my console is its much easier then a PC pop the disc in im ready to go. This is just what I prefer. Not bashing PC or Consoles both are good its just what a person prefer some of you guys need to grow up.

nnotdead3028d ago

i strongly disagree with you sir. i like both :)

despair3028d ago

being both console and PC gamer I take offense at that statem....nah who cares just enjoy the games.

Colonel-Killzone3028d ago

Im talking about the rabid fanboys who take one side not the ones who are neutral and could care less ^_^

Pumbli3028d ago

My friend's 360 died a few weeks ago, he called the retailer and they said they couldn't do anything. So he called Microsoft and they refused to do anything too because he lives in Iceland.

This has actually happened to more the one or two of my friends and every time they are forced to buy a new console.

I know 2 guys that have had their PS3s die on them, one got a free replacement from his retailer and Sony replaced the other guy's PS3 for about $20.

If MS and Sony are like this in more "remote" areas like my country is considered to be, I can clearly see why the PS3 would be dominating there.

catguykyou3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Considering on microsofts own site their warranty is said to be global, I suggest your friend actually call Microsoft this time and get a fixed console.

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