Sony Ericsson may have Android gaming phone

Sony Ericsson's first Android 2.x-native phone may also be its first to tie into the PSP gaming universe.

A leak this week has shown a QWERTY tilt slider from the company marked with the W150 test badge, which is supposedly that used by a PSP phone.

Whether or not it's connected to the PSP isn't certain at this point.

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NOOBKILLA3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Even though an open-source Android OS PSP phone would be pretty hot, it seems like Sony is setting themselves up for more PSP piracy though. As long as they don't make it fully touchscreen then I'm good.

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BlackIceJoe3032d ago

I think it would be great to see the Android OS come out on the PSP. Plus this would also mean more games for the PSP. So that would be awesome. If you can download even the free ones that also would be great. I hope this is true & that the Android OS will come to the PSP.