Top 10: Dastardly Achievements

Edd Verney of writes "We all love Achievements, right? For many of us, they provide the guidelines for game completion and offer fun challenges and bizarre tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise think of doing. But Achievements can also make us, the players, completely lose our morals and ask you to do things you would never dream of doing in real life. Things that take a potent combination of cowardice and malice – is it worth it for a couple of damn points? Have you no shame?!

Here are ten of the worst examples of complete Achievement-induced bastardry."

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christian hour3091d ago (Edited 3091d ago )

Dastardly in Red dead, was one of the first things i did once I learned you could hog tie, never realised it was an achievement/trophy haha.

Got the Fallout one. Almost had the Rocket Gnome achievement, I dropped him down the gap at the side of the rocket :(

Got the fable 2 one as well, going to do the perfect dark one later :)

3 (4 in the future) is not so bad out of ten :)

despair3091d ago

i like these kinds of achievements gives me something fun and wicked to look forward to.

AliTheBrit193091d ago

haha awesome Achievements.