Critical Gamer: MCM Expo: Quantum Theory – Hands On

Critical Gamer writes: Quantum Theory, coming from Tecmo Koei, isn’t – as one might reasonably assume from its title – a science based text adventure, nor does it attempt to revolutionise gaming using Bohrs idea that the motion in an atomic system is quantized, or discrete. No, this is a game about guns and hard-cases, perhaps a safer move in terms of gaming audiences.

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scruffy_bear2818d ago

I'm looking forward to getting hand on Quantum Theory, even if it's a Gears of War clone

Jockie2818d ago

It might sell better on the PS3 than the 360 where a good Gears like game is still lacking (I don't view the Army of Two series as 'good')

Cubes2818d ago

Yeah a good Gears of War type game is missing from the PS3 menu, so I hope this fills the gap.