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Ziriux2907d ago

Ok ever since the music games started naming their games crap, I've started removing a to nail from a toe each time a stupid one is released. I'm on my second foot now.

Valay2907d ago

So you just want them to keep naming the games Guitar Hero VI, VII, etc.?

-Mezzo-2907d ago

Quiet Milking it Activision. lol

coolcut1352907d ago

Activision would make really great Diary farmers !!

DelbertGrady2907d ago

Quiet milking and diary farmers ftw!

twostep182907d ago

quit* milking it but yea its gettin rediculous.
kinna like jason 3 to jason vs the sun

GeoramA2907d ago

This genre ran it's course about 5 years ago.

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