Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock officially announced

E4G: Activision has announced early this morning some neat information about the next guitar hero game. The game will be entitled Guitar Hero(R): Warriors of Rock and is set to be the ultimate rock and roll video game music experience to date.

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dardinkay2912d ago

Damn...another one? Time to bring out the wallet...

dkblackhawk502912d ago

But it is for the industry, everyone has to pitch in. I am just anxious to see what this game is really about.

matrix2242912d ago

The game has quite the track list so far, can't wait to see more!

BiggCMan2912d ago

yea i mean, as disgusted as i have bin with guitar hero since world tour, this one looks like its going back to the roots of legends of rock, which is easily my favorite, its got the online, guitar only, best tracklist. so im hoping this one is gonna be close to that one. the tracklist so far does seem to be quite good, and its heavily based on metal, and rock. so pray!!

Pennywise2912d ago

Activision really knows how to turn fans off to games. If only they could profit on that!

dardinkay2912d ago

Yeah if only they could profit from it...*This just in...*...damn >.>

Pennywise2912d ago

You know I meant make a profit from turning gamers like me off. I won't buy Activision games anymore. PERIOD.

I will buy Blizzards games because they are my favorite.

dardinkay2912d ago

Yeah I know, just wanted to add a spin on it. I still tend to buy from Activision because their games are time consuming.

Redempteur2912d ago

This trailer make me feel like this is a brutal legend spin off

you just change METAL into ROCK will be different ofcourse but does thsi gave me this "deja vu" sense ?

Gothdom2912d ago

yeah, and if you look at the history of Brutal Legend and Activision, you know it is.

I kinda wish this doesn't sell at all, BL was awesome. Activision just suck balls. I'm ashamed to say I want their Spider-Man game, but I'll try to find it used.

White-Sharingan2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

No thanks.

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