D+PAD D+BATE: Can Natal be the industry game-changer that Microsoft anticipate?

D+PAD Magazine writes:

Following on from our exploration of the PlayStation Move, this week we turned our attentions to Microsoft’s much hyped motion sensing technology, Project Natal.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on it (just peruse any gaming forum!!), so, here’s what we had to say when presented with the following question:

‘Can Natal be the industry game-changer that Microsoft anticipate?’

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mrv3212844d ago

I'm going to go with no. Infact it's almost 100% certain that it won't.

Remember Microsoft said 'THE 360's failure rate is only 2%' so let's not just accept everything they say.

Conloles2844d ago

How many articles of these will there be?

IMO they will fail I want Natal and Move to fail so we can get some hardcore games and not crappy shovelware.

knight6262844d ago

oh you will see a lot of articles just like this one and for you opinion i think natal will fail but might sell a lot making buyers mad and saying natal was a fail but for move i think it will sell slow but wont fail and only because natal and move are coming out doesnt mean they just going to make games for them you will still see hardcore games especially on the move but for natal its just a casual add on

Anarki2844d ago

Natal will go the same way Eyetoy went. Having very few titles that support it...

Wrathman2844d ago

oh my your hurting bad today.try some hemroid cream.

i dont think natal will change gaming but it will certainly piss on MOVE.

sikbeta2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

It wont change anything because, it's just a Motion-control add-on, people can say whatever they want, but The Gaming Industry didn't change a bit with motion-controls, Nintendo print money but that's It, there is no Improvements, no benefits, no nothing, just a a Console + motion-controller that sold loads cos it was something "new" in the eyes of the Average Joes, but these people will not Follow and Support the Gaming Industry like they are supposedly doing right now...

JokesOnYou2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

If its fun then folks will buy it....and "the red ball game" looks 10x more fun than what wii-move has shown, I just watched the latest vid of move's gameplay, lol the two ladies playing were bored as hell, because they already played all these wii-move games before on their wii. lmfao and sony soldiers wonder why nobody is excited about move....because its just wii-ripoff. I didn't even want to comment on that thread 'cause all I could think was; "lol how embarrassing, one Ricochet game looks like more fun than wii-moves whole lineup". lol=


Redlogic2844d ago

judge the fun factor of the Move based on two ladies by assuming (keyword being assuming) they played the games before on the Wii....yeesh, you need help dude. Calling out Sony supporters is classy coming from someone who boldly defends all the variation they have seen for Natal aka Ricochet. You are definitely not biased /s....Both Move and Natal if done right will provide countless hours of extended gaming goodness. Will they both revolutionize the industry? I don't think so, but there's no reason to think they can't bring new experiences for all.

Obama2844d ago

"and "the red ball game" looks 10x more fun than what wii-move has shown"

Says who since this is apparently not the case. Nobody is getting excited over the red ball game. It looks boring..accept it.

sid4gamerfreak2844d ago

Wait..let me guess, the usual reaction from n4g to this question would be...



So predictable...

OT: It definitely has potential, unfortunately we're talking about Microsoft here. Past history shows that they haven't been quite successful in making good and reliable hardware ;) This is what bothers me. I think Microsoft is gonna screw this up and not use natals potential.

I really wish if some other company was working on Natal, then I wouldn't be having so many doubts.

mrv3212844d ago

The predictable answer... well that works if you post it before I say it.

The predictable response is for someone to say it's predictable(you)

Name we a succesful add ons which wasn't attached to a specific game/game type.

Jaguar CD?
Sega CD?
Nintendo 64DD?
Super gameboy?

GWAVE2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Microsoft is pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. Natal will not rock the industry for many, many reasons. Name me a peripheral released nearly 5 years into a console's life that was successful. The only one I can think of was the plastic guitar in Guitar Hero for the PS2, and maaaaaybe DDR pads.

The thing that really bothers me is how the industry - gamers, journalists, and Microsoft itself - are hyping up the dumbest aspects of Natal. No, I don't want to play with digital Milo. No, I don't want to play HD versions of Eyetoy games (dodgeball, painting pictures). And no, I see no reason to buy Natal simply because it will let me navigate the dashboard menu using hand motions and voice commands.

I simply want to see hardcore games that long-time gamers will enjoy, and Natal seems like the wrong platform for that. It is, after all, aimed at stealing the Wii's audience.

Inside_out2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

ALL about the apps...E3 will demomstrate...

El Botto2844d ago

It was the Nintendo Wii that changed the industry back in 2006. Props for Nintendo for delivering that message. I thought they were dead after the fiasco of the N64 and the Gamecube.

But they said the Nintendo Revolution would change gaming as we know it. And they did just that.

They opened gaming for casuals and the industry has grown considerably since then. Game changer= wii

Note that game changing is both good and bad. Bad in this case because Nintendo has abandonned the traditional gamer.

Natal a game changer...lmao dont make me laugh. Microsoft is still playing catch up even though they had 1 year head start.

zorglub2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

@jokefanboy :

Nobody is excited about playing Ricochet and big red ball games on NatEyeToy, except retarded MS fanboys.

No controller = lag + no user feedback = no valuable game.

Move on the other hand looks like an improved version of Wii with much better games, so it has better chances to be successful.

But you're still free to be one of the ten people to buy Natal and look like an idiot.

BAM ! There it is.

niceguywii602844d ago

Of course not.

*Looks at Post history*

*sees that it has a fanatical PS3 fanboy history*

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claterz2844d ago

Nothing wrong with Micrsoft claiming that it will, they're just trying to get the hype up and it seems to be working. In reality though I don't think it will.

yoghurt2844d ago

I think people like controllers too much, do you see yourself sitting there holding an invisible steering wheel to play a racing game?

I know I certainly do not.

Omega42844d ago

It will certainly bring a lot of unique games to the table, but the user interface that Natal can create is what can really make it HUGE.

Controlling your media with your hand and voice is the future, plus I'm sure i can remember reading that Natal will work with PCs too so it could even become a key part of Windows 8.

Venatus-Deus2844d ago

So your calling it a $150 remote control?

tyrex2844d ago

that moving your whole hand to manipulate an interface is more efficient than a quick tap of a button. and the voice recognition has been done already if im not mistaken. but beside all that thats just u.i. we need games to be taken to the next level. but you could be right it might catch on for people.(atleast long enough to make ms money)

4Sh0w2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

"So your calling it a $150 remote control?"

Did you actually read his comment, "It will certainly bring a lot of unique games to the table", so I don't understand how pointing out one of Natal's potentially very cool features equals its just a "remote control" in your mind?

@tyrex "I dont think
that moving your whole hand to manipulate an interface is more efficient than a quick tap of a button"

Well to be honest it isn't but in some cases "more efficient" may not be "more fun", and isn't that why games were invented?

For example I think one of Natal's worst uses would be for driving a car pretending like you're holding a steering wheel, holding a real steering wheel for that type of game is far more immersive, but using a standard controller would also be "more efficient" for a racing game, we've all done that right? just press a button to go, press another to slow down, analogue stick to turn= very efficient, it requires no physical exertion on the part of the player, YET a force feedback wheel, with gas, break petals, gears etc that requires more work is "alot more fun". Same goes for Natal the dashboard along with certain game menu's and navigation, its just cool, of course its not for everything but if they use it where it makes sense then I would personaly love the ability to play with it, instead of just pressing "a button" to throw a grenade, or tell a AI player to go right, WOW actually making a throwing gesture or saying the command "Go right" to me would be more realistic and most importantly alot more immersive= FUN. aaahh but I'm just crazy like that.

Biggest2844d ago

He said "manipulate an interface" and you responded with "isn't that why games were invented", alluding to the fun factor. You didn't refute his point. You made a new point of your own. tryex is completely accurate with that point. The click of a button is more efficient than waving your hand or using your voice when it comes to interface manipulation. It isn't about fun when you're changing the channel or selecting a playlist.

Venatus-Deus2844d ago

He didn't say it would be a cool feature, he said that it would bring games, but the interface is what will make it HUGE.

You see his use of capitals place greater emphasis on the latter part of his statement. Thus he made it seem that the interface was the more important feature.

It was also a joke. Calm the fcuk down sunshine.

4Sh0w2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I don't understand what you're splitting hairs about. I think its pretty clear that what I'm saying is his criticism about "manipulate an interface" is irrevelant for users who may see Natal's implementation in some situations as "more fun", than simply pushing a button and again look again at my first post, YES I agreed with him that it is inherently less efficient or in other words not as quick/easy as pushing a button, so there's nothing to "refute" on that specific point, when we agree.

The example I gave speaks for itself, I've played my share of racers with a standard controller, aside from the variation gameplay between the racers its alot easier to play with a standard controller, but I think most will tell you if they have a force feedback wheel setup properly that its so much more work, your arms tire, you're doing more things at once and the room for error is greater, however the experience and the sense of accomplishment are far greater too. As I said my only point is that while pressing a button as we do now in every game is very efficient, in some cases, scenarios, gameplay etc making gestures(motion contol) and utilizing voice recognition could be alot more immersive and exciting= increase the FUN FACTOR, and yes that is why most of us play videogames.

Again, you're cherry picking his comment to make a false assumption, he is correct that the inteface is potentially a "huge" feature for Natal, but that in no way implies is just a "remote control", especially when his first line speaks about Natal bringing unique GAMES to the table. It's like if this was the pre-release of the ps3 and someone mentioned that ps3 blu-ray capability will be a huge for the ps3, it would make just as much sense to call ps3 just a "blu ray player", when of course we know it will definitely play games as well.

Hallmark Moment2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

He doesn't need to read his comment because being open minded and being logical is not their intent he used Omega's comment as an excuse to call Natal out downplaying it's capabilities and trying to falsely present that Price rumor as fact.

tyrex2844d ago

thats where my "it might catch on for people" statement comes from. some people might get it just to manipulate the dashboard, and if a good natal based game comes with it that would just be icing for them. far as implementing natal in actual gameplay like you said with commands and or gesturing to throw a grenades i could see how that would be cool for people. but the way ms was promoting natal was to take the controller away completey,so natal specific games would just be natal and nothing else. not saying you wont see implementations along with the 360 controller.

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yoghurt2844d ago

I dont get the whole voice control either, so if you having a conversation that happens to mention a word used to control natal, your screwed

honey, look at the state of the dogs paws, oh, films stopped? what the


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DA_SHREDDER2844d ago

LOL, I guess playing with user interface is more fun then the actual games on the box? Please dude, Natal isn't gonna be good for anything that requires buttons, give me games to play, not menu's please. Thank you.

UnwanteDreamz2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I think anything is possible but I agree that the XBox360 is a games console and if you are gonna sell a peripheral for a games console it should be focused on gaming. I'm not saying it isn't, I just think that the ability to control the interface with your hands is not a huge selling point. I only feel this way because I think we will see software that does this using webcams at a cheaper price in the near future.

omegaheat2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Some of you guys have no shame. Everytime an article gets posted relating to Natal, as I read I notice that most of the comments are left by people who have no interest in the device. Natal news must be so popular that people who prematurely hate the device can't help themselves to look away. Microsoft must be doing some helluva marketing. They may even be able to sell water to a whale. Great job Microsoft. Your comment about buttons being your reason for not liking the device is stupid. Guess what, I hear that the Xbox360 comes with a traditional game controller that's perfect for certain games. I also hear that the Natal device will open up a new market of games that will broaden the industry. I also hear that the device will be optional and compatible with all existing Xbox360s. What's wrong with having options? I have a DVD drive on my laptop that I don't use to watch movies, but it's high unlikely that I would tell the manufacture no thanks. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Stop following Natal articles and just look away. It's not that hard. You understand what I'm saying??

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