3D to Take the E3 Crown from Motion Gaming?

Microsoft and Sony may be preparing for a full-court press on motion gaming come E3, but according to some, the future is in 3D. Everyone’s waiting to see what can be done with Natal and Move, but publishers are looking to 3D as the next big driver of software sales. Nintendo is unveiling their 3DS portable system and Sony will be showcasing a number of 3D PlayStation 3 titles in tandem with their new Bravia 3DTV line.

Leading firms say that motion gaming will continue to aim at the casual market, but 3D gaming will be the go-to for the more advanced hardcore market.

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GWAVE2818d ago

Well, let's look at the facts of this year's E3:

Microsoft has Natal (motion capture).

Sony has Eye (motion capture), Move (motion controls), and 3D (a new way of viewing your games).

sikbeta2817d ago

3D Gaming will be Better than Motion-control-gaming

3D Gaming >>> waggle-gaming

ShinMaster2817d ago

Not everyone, but still quite a bit of people are bound to have 3D-TVs, even if they don't have a PS3.
It will be something that can be experienced with both movies and games, while having a PS3 alone will already enable you to do both.

Though I note that it may take a little while for 3D to pick up right away.

ChickeyCantor2817d ago

I dont know but what makes people think they can't co exist?

Fail article = fail.

Inside_out2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

Nobody wants to stand in front of the tv and swing there arms...they want to sit down, SAY to their, load game... and play there favorite games...

Natal has many apps...E3 will share's a casual gaming device that will make M$ a ton of money...Party and family type of games directed at the 65++ million Wii owners...Natal has them dead in their sights...

Halo Reach and all the other games that will be showcased are for the more serious gamers...Gears will have a game trailer...Crysis...MOH...Fable 3...Crackdown....COD black ops...Brink...Batman...Many, many more...E3 will be solid this year...It's M$ to lose..

3D is a gimmick that requires a new TV to enjoy...I don't think that is gonna sell many PS3's or anything else this year...Sony missing the boat...It's been reported that 1% of households have a 3D compatible TV...nuff said...

Ravage272817d ago

just like HD gaming right?

AK462817d ago

Na! but your bubbles will

Colonel-Killzone2817d ago

Motion control is not even really dominating the market. All it does is attract a certain audience. Sigh Idk I will probably get a lot of disagrees but I will always prefer my controller over a motion controller this is just me though. Yea motion controls is fun but I hope it will never be standard it should always be optional least IMO. But I think 3d will bring in a new broader audience the samething that motion controls did also.

TrailerParkSupervisr2817d ago

Nope, I totally agree with you, amigo. There is no way I am coming home from work and STANDING in my living room and waving my arms around like an idiot. I want to get horizontal in my recliner, pop in the headset and kills lots of things without doing anything more than moving my thumbs and fingers about 2 degrees.

seinfan2817d ago

You are a true brother in the gaming community. :)

ChickeyCantor2817d ago

I love how these personal standards are suddenly the definition of " true gamers ".

Everyone has his own preference on how they would like to play games. Its all a matter of opinion.

Motion controls, whether you like it or not, will be part of gaming as the traditional controller is.
There are also "hardcore" gamers who actually like the fact there are more options for gameplay.

As for waving like a retard, yeah well 90% of all motion haters said the same thing until Natal or Move came along, so go figure.

To each his own, but 3D and Motion controls are going to be standards as well. But this DOES NOT mean the traditional controller will go away. Some games just work best with a traditional controller.

Gaming is expanding, but i see no reason to freak out about these things.

Colonel-Killzone2817d ago

I totally agree first thing I wanna do when I come home sometimes sit down relax under my AC since its hot as hell in new york right now and also play some online with a bucket of hot wings and some nice lemonade right next to me. Motion controls would be fun only with my girlfriend though since she is into that kind of stuff. But for me I always would say make it optional but never mandatory IF this was to ever happen on consoles I will be gaming on the PC for now on. I pray though that this never happens lol.

N4g_null2817d ago

It looks like you maybe going back to pc games. Socom will convert many and the next COD are sure to have motion controls. Supior control methods always wins.

I don't play games to relax other wise I would play bejeweled or some thing from the pop cap guys. See this is why I say gamers are not hardcore any more. It's like a new form of Instant messenger for some.

Some people live on chat boards.

I'm a little older than most of you here and even I find most of your games equal to interactive coach potatoing.

And hell yeah it's hot that's why we have places to go play sports. You sweat and then cool down other wise your just a burger on the frying pan.

Back ontopic
3d is going to be used like another shader. Motion control are for better fps aiming and a 3d method of controlling a 3d game.

One can not beat the other gamers are offically running out of stuff to talk about.

seinfan2817d ago

3D is a better, more appealing gimmick than motion controls. But it's still a gimmick nonetheless. When the technology is actually implemented to its highest potential (I'm thinking voxels over pixels; no glasses required; holographic images perhaps?), then it will become standardized.

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