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The Xbox 360 Games That Every Gamer Should Avoid at All Costs

Craig H writes: "One of our biggest gripes, actually one of the biggest complaints throughout the industry right now, is that the level of quality in games has been suffering lately. Sure there are some great titles that get the perfect amount of polish and love to ensure every drop of potential is squeezed out of the title. But there are those games that hit retail with undeservingly high price tags." ( Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad, Culture, Deadly Premonition, Raven Squad, Xbox 360, You're In The Movies)

vgn24   2002d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
vgchica  +   2002d ago
Hannah Montana is the worst game I ever played the 360
BeaRye  +   2002d ago
If you mean the one for the movie, that game sucked on every platform. That was the definition of licensed shovelware.
T9X69  +   2002d ago
Wow You actually played it?
BeaArthur  +   2002d ago
Good point, and is Hannah Montanta an exclusive?
Conloles  +   2002d ago
I played Vampire Rain I'm scarred for life.
God_Of_Epicness  +   2002d ago
I hate Hannah Montana. Overrated piece of shiat. Anyway, my worst 360 game has got to be Beowulf The Game. I find it interesting that whenever a game title includes the name "The Game", it usually fails.
vgn24  +   2002d ago
WOW GoEpicness
Did Hannah not return your fan letters dude? That's a lot of anger.
knight626  +   2002d ago
wtf where is halo or gears? IMO i think halo and gears sucked btw iam no PS3 fanboy i just didnt like halo and gears
nygamer28  +   2002d ago
WTF are you talking about???? i didnt like the game ether but that dosent mean those were bad games,your game library must be very very short
BungieOnPS3   2002d ago | Spam
SilverSlug  +   2002d ago
What about
Too Human?

I hated that one.
Anarki  +   2002d ago
Too Human wasn't bad... it was more of a 3d balders gate...
christian hour  +   2002d ago
I only ever played the demo for too human, that put me off it enough to not waste money on it. So I can't say for certain it belongs on this list, but going off the demo alone, it definitely is, at least for me, a 360 exclusive to avoid. The only game on this list I've played was you're in the movies. My dad picked it up at christmas and it was actually a lot of fun with all the family, and I had a lot of lighting equipment borrowed from college that holiday to film some stuff for projects, so I was able to seperate everyone pretty well form the background, so it looked as good as MS advertised it.

Mind you we've never played it again since. Its like my sisters wii, it gets brought out at xmas and thats it. So I guess if you're a hardcore gamer, you're in the movies is another exclusive to avoid. Also I think LIPS should be on this list.
Baka-akaB  +   2002d ago
that would be an insult to Baldur's gate , and a major one
mcgrawgamer  +   2002d ago
If you grew up on old school loot grinding type games Too Human wasn't that bad at all. and honestly for me if Dennis Dyack hadn't used those lame analog only controls and keep his mouth shut on neogaf the game wouldn't have garnered as much as hate as it did.
danielle007  +   2002d ago
Well, Too Human isn't my favorite game, but I don't think you should avoid at all costs..
Sure, the auto-targeting sucked, the story wasn't very good, the valkyrie junk was also annoying, and I hate that Dennis Dyack guy. He makes me absolutely sure I could never be a reviewer. My review would have been "I HATE DYACK. TOO HUMAN GETS A 2.3 OUT OF 10."

But, regardless, I only played the demo at my house, but my friend took the plunge and bought it. So I stole his controller and played it for a while. The targeting really did suck, but the quick combat really was pretty cool.

You making me think of Too Human means I'm probably going to borrow it tonight.. Definitely.. Haha.
Ya Boy17  +   2002d ago
yea i agree with you the auto targeting did suck but the quick combat was fun i wish i rented it instead of buying it
OutgoingSquall   2002d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
DelbertGrady  +   2002d ago
Original title "The Xbox 360 Games That Every Gamer Should Avoid at All Costs"

Nice flamebait editing.

Anyways, I'd have to say Vampire Rain.

@BeaRye - Yes, but it was a 360 exclusive for a year or something. Exclusive or not, it's a very bad game and it's available on the 360.
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BeaRye  +   2002d ago
Didn't that end up on the PS3 too?
midgard227  +   2002d ago
no the sequel was on ps3 :p


how did i get a disagree, the one on ps3 is a sequel, trust me i worked at gamecrazy and laughed that it was on ps3
#6.1.1 (Edited 2002d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
nnotdead  +   2002d ago
you received disagrees because you're wrong. the tittle was changed, but the game was the same.
Wolfie  +   2002d ago
Deadly Premonition is not an X360 exclusive. The PlayStation 3 version was released only in Japan.
christian hour  +   2002d ago
Is deadly premonition that game that was made by one guy or something? And is supposed to be really weird/bad in terms of dialogue and scenes. I seen one where the main character is sitting opposite end of a really long table with an old lady and they cant hear over the in game music or something?

I dunno why but I really want to play that game... a shame it will never see light in Euro Land :(
dgroundwater  +   2002d ago
Trust me christian, if you are interested by the cut-scene, you would probably like it. It's an old school survival horror in an open world setting. If you know you can handle the clunky controls you are in for a fantastic story. Though I can't help your Europe situation.
christian hour  +   2002d ago
Thanks for the info :D I'll figure out how to get a copy somehow
vgchica  +   2002d ago
Do you live in Japan?
If not, then it would be considered exclusive. (Like all the NES "exclusives" that were actually on the Microsoft MSX?)
Milamber  +   2002d ago
Haven't even seen these games before, but thanks for the heads up gofanboy.
xaviertooth  +   2002d ago
gears of war 2 immediately comes to mind with its horrible multiplayer. in fact it's not working at all.

and next is fable 2. i rented it and i really did not enjoyed it.
Independent_Charles  +   2002d ago
if you are talking in a timeframe of say..2008 then your correct. if you mean today then you couldnt be more wrong. title update 6 completly fixed it in my opinion. next to no lag anymore. gears of war 2 is a steal right now. you can pick it up for 9.99 now and has really good value DLC. which other games offer you 5 free maps for buying it then has the 'all fronts' map pack which includes, extra single player missions and 19 MULTIPLAYER MAPS FOR ONLY 800 POINTS(£5). now that i can give Epic games props for.

lol i saw new cod maps on the dashboard for 1200msp for 3 new maps the 19 maps beside it for gears at 800points lol i found gthat funny
DigitalAnalog  +   2002d ago
"Deadly Premonition offered one of the best mysteries of this generation and did it exclusively on the Xbox 360."

Poorly researched article, this game is known as "Red Seeds Profile" for the PS3 in Japan.

-End statement
vgchica  +   2002d ago
Based on your statement I assume you live in Japan? If not, then you're wrong. It's definitely exclusive in North America.
#11 (Edited 2002d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
RankFTW  +   2002d ago
I didn't realise North America was the world. And what has him living in Japan got to do with it, so if he's in Japan then he's correct?
BYE  +   2002d ago

Globalization says hi.
zorglub  +   2002d ago
There are a lot of bad 360 exclusives actually...
fullmetal297  +   2002d ago
High school 2 for me. I know it was a movie and not a game but never stick that thing in your Xbox nor PS3.
Draco  +   2002d ago
antimalware doctor??
Anyone else get nailed going to this article? How do i get rid of it BTW?
SuicidalTendencies  +   2002d ago
The guy who wrote this article is an idiot. There are worse games on the 360 than these games he mentioned.
danielle007  +   2002d ago
Take Deadly Premonition off that list, kthx.
The graphics aren't the best because it's a budget game. Starting at $20, this game is a steal with 16+hours of gameplay.

I love games/movies like this, because the developers are in on the joke. It's so ridic campy and it falls into my favorite kind of horror movie - So Bad it's Good. It's laugh out loud funny, and you can't tell if the guy has an imaginary friend or split personalities when he talks to his friend that no one has ever seen... Oh geez, it's epic. Plus, some parts are genuinely creepyy.

If you can appreciate So Bad it's Flippin Amazing, then you shouldn't avoid Deadly Premonition. You should embrace it. <3
#16 (Edited 2002d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
vgn24  +   2002d ago
Do you work for Ignition? Because who could recommend that game even on the "so bad, it's good" premise?
palaeomerus  +   2002d ago
Someone who's actually played it?
danielle007  +   2002d ago
I just said
I love campy horror movies. Love them.

So, I can recommend Deadly Premonition on the so bad it's flippin AMAZING premise. Because, well, it is. It's laugh-out-loud funny, scary, and completely insane. It's well worth the $20. If it were priced at the regular $60 price point, I wouldn't recommend it. But it's only $20 to experience the most campy game I have ever played. Pure awesomeness.

So there, you could have just read my original comment to see how I could recommend it, but I'll restate it for you. Because I'm super nice. <3 Give me all your bubbles, roarrr.
nygamer28  +   2002d ago
where is lost:via domus?
nygamer28  +   2002d ago
i think we can all agree that almost any game based off a movie is a epic fail!
palaeomerus  +   2002d ago
1: Give Deadly Premonition a chance.

Yes the graphics are PS2 level(sorry but PS1? Nope! Go check Dino Crisis 2 or Parasite Eve 2 and you'll see just how BAD PSX graphics were!) and yes the mechanics are pretty terrible but the plot is weird, the jokes are kind of funny, and you'd be surprised how much fun it can be when you aren't shooting at zombies ben backwards in vine filled hallways. It's a rip off of Twin Peaks but it's so bad that it's almost good. I'm not saying that it's for everyone but at least check out the Endurance run on Giant Bomb to get a taste of the silly weirdness.

2. Operation Darkness is NOT an RTS. It's a badly designed Strategy RPG with a horrible camera and for some reason it keeps going AFTER your medic gets killed which means you'll NEVER be able to heal anyone ever again. It sucks but it could probably be fixed into a decent game for download or something.But it definitely sucks. It;s just not an RTS.
Cajun Chicken  +   2002d ago
The worst game on this list has to be Fusion Frenzy 2. I actually liked Fusion Frenzy on XBOX but '2 is just a complete insult and has a odd Micheal Jackson host waving his hands and an annoying system of ability cards. The worst game to ever enter my 360.

Actually, it's between Fusion Frenzy 2 and Bomberman Act Zero for me. They both completely suck, luckily I had the fortune to play Bomberman Act Zero only for 10 minutes on someone elses 360. I actually tried so hard to like Fusion Frenzy 2.
palaeomerus  +   2002d ago
Why give White Knight Chronicles an honorable mention? I might agree with calling it mediocre or plain-Jane/lackluster but it's far from being a bad game. It's pretty decent actually.
TheNocturnus  +   2002d ago
Missed a couple...
How could they forget about Blue dragon, Enchanted arms, Ninja blade, Section 8 and Perfect dark zero. Those are just a few of the games I've played that I regretted buying. I have played almost every 360 game, not bragging, just saying that I have a lot of free time on my hands. ( when my wife lets me have free time anyway, LOL)
BannedForNineYears  +   2002d ago
I've never heard of any of these games............
Besides You're in the Movies. But is that game even out yet? -_-
shikwan  +   2002d ago
Short list...
considering the amt of 360 titles available.

Gun, King Kong (unless Ur an achievement whore), that all female wrestling game...so dumb, I forgot the title, The Outfit...
Gun_Senshi  +   2002d ago
Deadly Premonition and Jim Sterling
Jimmy gave Deadly Premonition 10/10
HINDERIZATION  +   2001d ago
what about viva pinata?

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