Soul Calibur Legends: Delicious Wii screens for your perusal

For those of you itching to experience the world of Soul Calibur with extra waggle, please find enclosed a batch of sixteen shiny new screens from Namco Bandai's spin-off adventure game. While some might be skeptical of Soul Calibur Legends, the fact that these screens contain both a dragon and a floating Egyptian sarcophagus of death is enough to convince us at Destructoid that this game is worth keeping an eye on. There are not enough floating death sarcophagi in videogames today.

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sumfood4u3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

Go Game Go!

Honeal2g3957d ago

lol.... will the gamecube version look the same? lol(j.k)

Rute3957d ago

The textures are cool and crisp and the lighting is nice, although there's no shadows. The architecture is a bit uninspiring though. If they are able to pull off 1-1 controls, I might get this at some point.

peksi3957d ago

I thought Wii doesn't support such resolution?

ChickeyCantor3957d ago (Edited 3957d ago )

854X480 (16:9 if im not mistaken)
maybe devs are working in a different resolution or something?