New Details Regarding Next WWE Game

Wrestling announcer Jim Ross has let slip the first details of the next WWE title.

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Djorgo3029d ago

Hehe, letting slip is good.

AndyA3029d ago

Can't remember playing a good wrestling game since WCW/NWO Revenge.

Chazmers3029d ago

WWE No Mercy was where it was at!

Fyzzu3029d ago

I haven't played a good wrestling game since WWF Wrestlemania on the Atari ST.

Which, thinking about it, probably means I haven't played a good wrestling game.

knight6263029d ago

last time i played a good game it was here comes the pain other then that wwe no mercy but i hope THQ fixes this next game

Rainstorm813028d ago

Wrestlemania 2000 on N64

That game had me and my friends hooked.

Seferoth753028d ago

WCW/NWO, Wrestlemania 2000, and No mercy some of the best wrestling games ever created.
Werent they all made by the same developer using the same engine though? I know a few of the WcW games were but I cant remember if the Wrestlemania one used the same engine

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Colonel-Killzone3028d ago

Sigh Smackdown here comes the pain was so fun i miss those days also like smackdown vs raw 2006. Those were the days now idk lol i stop buying wrestling games now to much realism and it stop being fun after a while.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago ) comes the pain was great. they started to tweak how you done the moves and now its just too much a pain to try to control the guy. simpler is sometimes better and in wrestling games the simpler version was ten times better...

the graphics now are all juiced up like Batista, but the gameplay sucks ass. Its hard as hell to actually try to play the game with all the button presses just in order to do a suplex.

kinda like my love hate relationship with Madden/NBA Live. when the consoles added more buttons, they made you press more buttons just to run a damn play and found myself getting owned way too often.

thank god for games like Tecmo Bowl Throwback. not great but it gets me back in the

Dellis3028d ago

It will be the same crap, they been using the same exact engine since PS2, ported to Xbox 360 then PS3

Stop buying this crap WWE games

DeadlyFire3028d ago

I say they license a new engine. Even if its just the Source engine it would be a step up from what they are using now. SVR 2009 killed my ambition for WWE games. I hope the new AAA wrestling game and maybe a new TNA wrestling game makes THQ and Yukes step up.

DlocDaBudSmoka3028d ago

rent for 5 days, get all the enjoyment from it within those 5 days, then bam take it back.

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