PlayStation Move: 10 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

A video shows ten minutes of new PlayStation Move gameplay footage.

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farhad2k83035d ago

Wow, it looks great!
Cant wait for MOVE!

fryday3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

10 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage

11m ago

9m ago

El Botto3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )


PS3 to dominate its competitors in 2010.


Table tennis: win

deadpoole3035d ago

Demo was fine but little bit of enthusiasm shown by players wouldn't have killed them. Godddd.

chrisnick3035d ago

sony actually did it. couldn't tell at first but the last part when she was swatting those things... 0 lag. I'm surprised, they actually pulled it off.........I'm getting this.

Kleptic3034d ago

^^doesn't the move have a response time of less than a dualshock 3? I thought I read that somewhere, just asking...I thought a developer said its under 25ms or something, making it nearly twice as fast as a ds3...where developers and gamers are in agreement that 50ms is acceptable and normal...

Christopher3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

There are only lag issues when the camera is capturing video rather than just the movements of the Move controller and your body. If it has to render your image in real-time on the screen, then there is lag. Luckily, that so far has been for casual games and not the hardcore set of games.

I like how they do a simplified stabilizer for motion so that it detects hand shaking, which we all do, so it's a smoother experience. Still need to see the games, though. Move needs a huge selection of quality games to really do well, same as Natal.

secksi-killer3034d ago

after years of mocking the "gimmicky" wii motion controls people are excited for move ??

i have a wii which i never use, and have no intention of buying move or natal.

if you are wondering why i am posting, it's because the hypocrisy displayed is staggering.

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Kurisu3035d ago

Neither can I! I'm looking forward to seeing a wider variety of games though. The Sports Champions game is just like Wii Sports, only much more realistic. Although the sword and shield game does look fun! (the woman playing it looks bored to death though).

Comet3034d ago

Does seeing footage of swatting big red balls excite you?

If you like swatting things without a controller, go on a PS2 and play with EyeToy.

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sikbeta3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

IF Sony Put All those Games that were shown(except SOCOM4 Obviously) in BR-Disc and Bundled with Move, I'm Totally Sold and Sony got a Winner, Huge Replay Value in 1 Disc...

marinelife93035d ago

The woman in the purple sucks!

phosphor1123035d ago

I've literally seen kids with down syndrome play wii games better than she did. I'm 100% serious. (my mom takes care of the mentally handicapped)

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MegaPowa3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

What casual gamer is going to buy a ps3 for these kind of games when they have a wii.And the price tag isnt going to be cheap so you'll have to buy this and a ps3 when you could just buy a wii and have the same amount of fun.
Don't flame me for having an opinion please.

Cryptech3035d ago

I would say a casual gamer that also wants a bluray player. Its a no brainer.

nycredude3035d ago

Dude by the time this releases there will be about 40,000,000 Ps3 at least in the wild. Even if just 3-5% (realistic) of existing Ps3 owners by it that is 1.2-2 Million sold. Add that to people who may be pushed to by a Ps3 and it will be hard to fail. Sales is all a numbers game.

Odin7773034d ago

You're right, I'm sure a lot of people who are only interested in motion controls will just buy the cheaper wii. But I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to have not only motion control but blu-ray and all the top-notch PS3 exclusives.

Nathaniel_Drake3034d ago

This doesn't just affect new users the near 40 million base are going to have chance at this two. The difference with the Wii and PS3 move is that the Move will be used for Hardcore games as well as casual

MegaPowa3034d ago

You do know theres hardcore games on the wii to right? theres no difference in that area lol

lukewind3034d ago

Don't worry the Sony fanboy army will do their best to make sure it sells. Then 3 months later when they never play with them anymore they will be going cheap on ebay.

fr0sty3034d ago

hardcore games on wii? find me a shooter on wii game where i can play online with 255 other people at the same time.

Chrono1e3034d ago


so your definition of a Hardcore game is "a shooter where you can play online with 255 other people at the same time." ok... wow we have come a long way if thats what a Hardcore game is. :/

Nathaniel_Drake3034d ago

So how many hardcore games are on the Wii versus the PS3. Yeah that's what I thought. lol X)

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Delive3035d ago

An Uncoordinated pregnant woman looks to have difficulty playing. Better home this does not get out to too many viewers. They might think it is too difficult. That would spell doom if that was the casual players word.

Looks good otherwise though.

NYPunk883034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Looks pretty responsive nice work Sony.

Attention Gorge Lucas! I want a lightsaber game where I get to battle Darth Vader....that is all.

beardpapa3034d ago

would be great if they actually found someone that had more enthusiasm and knew how to play ping pong. They should make a multiplayer online pictionary game for the move.

N4g_null3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

This is weird so none of you got to the 100s in wii resort ping pong. Some where around that number you can not win with out using back spin and precise hitting and placing your hits. This has no lag ethier and uses both gyros to get wrist movement and striking force just right.

They are basicly the same the only difference in the sdk is one uses ir light while the other uses a cam. Seriously the lag if any is the same as the wii mote. I know most of you can't be bother with wii sports yet that is what Zelda is for.

The best thing about this is the fact that Sony might actualy try to beat wii Zelda. If they are smart they will shoot for that game.

What is funny also is that the move does not truely know when your pointing at the screen yet the wii mote has this feature in most games and on top of that it works very well in red steel 2.

It's good to see you guys get behind motion controls even if your are being hipo like. Yet now I wonder how it well sell and I'm curious to see wii unveil like lines for either hd motion controllers.

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Calm Down Sunshine3035d ago

Surely they could've given the controller to someone with a bit more enthusiasm/grasp on reality.

zootang3035d ago

I was thinking the same thing, did you see her playing table tennis? I think it could of been too complex for her

Anarki3035d ago

I agree with this guy.. That girl sucked at just about everything she played.

UnwanteDreamz3035d ago

Why would being Spanish have anything to do with apathy? Please enlighten me.

Lilith_Belial3034d ago

to explain, they're usually like that regarding video games for no apparent reason, specially women, I just know it cause I lived it. Not all of them are, though, I had some buddies from Català that where really enthusiastic regarding video games. I guess pop trends are received differently by different societies.

jack_burt0n3034d ago

date some spanish women then get back to us, from what i have experienced lilith is right.

rob60213034d ago

This isn't Microsoft, they're more concerned with the quality rather than the marketing.

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Sitris3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Looks like a natal haha

Edit: Upon closer inspection, it deceived me haha but it does look like part of the camera haha

farhad2k83035d ago

Yeah, whats up with the camera?
Maybe its a new sensor bar add on? =/

Apolloeye3035d ago

you are joking, you know thats a center speaker right?

whateva3035d ago

if the PS-Eye was that big I don't think I would have it in front of my tv.

siyrobbo3035d ago

i think you'll find thats the centre speaker for the surround sound setup

badz1493035d ago

can't blame them. they haven't seen a good surround system like that or maybe they just wish Natal is showing what Sony have shown for MOVE LOL!

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BubZ-SkullY3035d ago

omds, she is making sh*t, women aint good for stuff like this. Shes bringing down the move badly. Can't wait for this to come out

baraka0073035d ago

what's the deal with only people that suck and hate games being able to try out the move and natal?! Also why is it that only a blind man with a fisher price camera is alway the person taping it?

yoshiro3035d ago

i couldnt agree more... why the f they let this people play?!

kr90913034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Maybe that's why the wii is so successful...they have enthusiastic people to show off how fun the motion controls are! haha. But seriously, why would Sony and Microsoft hire people that seem bored with the product? It just doesn't make sense.