3D to be bigger deal at E3 than motion controllers

Natal and Move? They’re so last year. 3D is the new black at E3 this year.

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GWAVE2998d ago

Microsoft has Natal (motion capture)

Sony has Eye (motion capture), Move (motion capture/motion controls), and 3D (a new way of viewing your games).

Which system will you pick?

Montrealien2998d ago

the system that has the games I want to play? And surprisingly enough they both have great games. So, both?

sikbeta2997d ago

3D Gaming >> waggle-gaming

3D Gaming FTW!!!

keysy4202997d ago

people ar escared of 3d actually being the next big thing. peter moore you sound like a idiot. hey when i go watch movies in 3d i dont notice everything in 3d. i guess that takes away from my experience( wtf). in other words you should have said im skeptical about 3d right now because developments is early and were not sure what angle were going to take with the 3d movement. thats what he should have said instead of i dont think its immersive enough. that doesnt even make sense. you dont hear them saying that about natal not being able to do alot of different games. soomeof you dev;'s need to stfu sometimes since you arent platform holders

PHOSADRA2997d ago

Good thing Sony created a beast game system that can handle 3d games.
Thinking of the future is how sony succeeds.
When the PS3 was first released there weren't any 3d tvs (avaliable to the public)
Now look what happens as time passes... ^.^ Win

pkb792997d ago

Maybe it time to get that eye surgery so I can have stereoscopic vision. With a 2 year waiting list I will probably be able to get 3D tv by then to.