Isn't It Time We Stopped Being Jaded About 3D Technology?

PushSquare: "Honestly, we feel like we're the only publication on the Internet in support of the 3D movement. Every other publication out there seems to be grappling with the "why" and "how" rather than the base-line concept. Look, we understand as well as everyone else that 3D is going to be expensive, and many (us included) will not be looking to upgrade for some years. That's absolutely fine. It doesn't make it shit though. Just like the jump between black-and-white to colour, and SD to HD, 3D will get its time. Who knows how long that will take - it could be upwards of ten years. But it's going to break mainstream eventually - there will come a time when you won't be able to buy a TV without 3D, and presumably there will come a time when glasses won't be necessary."

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keysy4202993d ago

i fyou havent been to best buy and tried the 3d tv's then dont knock it that sh1t looks amaizing

sikbeta2993d ago

3D is The next Step and Will Become Mainstream, whether You Like It or Not...

3D Gaming FTW!!!

ReBurn2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

3D needs to prove itself as more than a gimmick. Right now it is expensive and there isn't much content that takes advantage of it. If it can do that then I'm all for it. Although I guess a few years ago that's where Blu-ray was, and that turned out ok.

keysy4202992d ago

everyone knocks sony for what they are doing