Red Dead Redemption: Top 5 most difficult achievements

Videogameszone is showing the top-5 most difficult achievements from Red Dead Redemption.

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TABSF2963d ago

I got my platinum on Wednesday 04/04/2010
Done around 50 hours on SP and 20 Hours on MP

Best Rockstar game since San Andreas

christian hour2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

DAAAMN. Congrats. I have 2 platinum trophies to my name :P My bro has this game on 360 so I've been playing his copy, but I was planning on getting it on ps3 myself soon so i can play online. My xbl is silver and I aint paying no 60 euro for live :P

Also I'd like to agree best rockstar game since san andreas but... :( I'm ashamed to say that one passed me by. My ps2 was on the fritz during its release. But definitely best rockstar game I've played since... well the first GTA.

bjornbear2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

I've still only got 20 hrs SP and 10 hrs MP and there is LOADS to do =O

i do say this though (to anyone still trophy hunting) - select expert mode, it allows the headshot trophy instantly, its probably THE easiest trophy since I got it in McFarlens Ranch before anything else xD If you stick to casual mode you will miss it =( and its silver =O

BYE2963d ago

Yup, the whole game is much more fun in expert mode anyway.

christian hour2963d ago

Would be great if I could understand the descriptions for the comments, the google translate bar doesnt translate those parts, and google chrome does for the first one, but when you click next its all in german again. Currently achievement hunting in this game, trying to do all the challenges at the moment.

BubbleSystemSuck2963d ago

i dont understand nothing...
the only trophy difficult for me are, be 3 consecutive times Top Player... becuuse i Suck on this game.


BannedForNineYears2963d ago
7 platinums for me. ^_^
I would get RDR's platinum but I'm addicted to Demon's Souls again...>_>

BannedForNineYears2963d ago

Wow......You've got a lot of games.
You should go for the Uncharted 1 platinum.
It's pretty easy.
My goal is pretty much to get all my games above 50% of the trophies.

AliTheBrit192963d ago

I've put around 13 hours into the Multiplayer

And 53 hours into Single Player, for me the only Achievement I can see being a pain are a few of the Multiplayer ones

By the way, I know some of you will appreciate this :) -

Elwenil2963d ago

Thanks for posting that. Sort of brings back the ending again. I hope Rockstar continues to make their games with a bit more mature storyline like RDR. Not that the GTA games have bad stories but they are a bit trivial compared to John Marston's story in my opinion.

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