What the Killzone Teaser Reveals

The recently released Killzone trailer sent shivers down the spines of all Killzone fans, and even those of skeptics whether they admit it or not.

The trailer starts off with the ass kicking of a few Helghast, but ends with a real shocker. A battle-hardened Sev rips the helmet off of his foe... and pulls it down over his head as a fireball erupts in the background.

Aside from looking badass, this teaser could be revealing more than what is seen at first glance with Sev putting on a Helghast Helmet.

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4221852999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

"The recently released Killzone trailer sent shivers down the spines of all Killzone fans, and even those of skeptics whether they admit it or not."

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4Sh0w2999d ago

I enjoyed KZ2, I just want to see more variation in the enemies and some varied gameplay, imo I think that would make KZ3 awesome in every way.

Chubear2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

* Possible stealth missions a la Luger KZ1
* Possible Defection to Helgast to set up for KZ4
* Sev, Rico & crew Possibly turning into Helgasts
* Possible horde mode for Online MP

Chewy1022999d ago

Having a huge variation in uniforms doesn't make since in a military. The point of uniforms is to know your men from the enemy. If you have several different uniforms for 1 soldier type you run the risk of taking friendly fire.

It does however make a lot of since to make a unique uniform set for each environment and KZ3 is said to have several more environments to visit. So I don't think enemy variation will be a problem, even though I didn't think it was a problem to begin with.

As for the gameplay. What the hell do you expect to find in a FPS? Sure I loved the mech suit and the AA gun parts in KZ2 and wanted them to last longer. But the thing is the gameplay was almost perfect for a FPS. You had shooting, tanks (to small of an area for it though), mechs, mounted guns, snipers, AA guns, and so many unique weapons that make you love them (lightning gun anyone). What more do you want? A purple hover craft that shoots laser bolts?

hakis862999d ago

can't wait for this game. He's practically going Darth Vader on us! :D GRIN :D

mal_tez922999d ago

I've heard the game draws inspiration from Inglorious Basterds, so I think this is likely to happen. This will be awesome, hopefully Tarentino joins the production team.

mal_tez922999d ago

Killzone 3 will definitely be awesome. I've yet to play an FPS as fun as KZ2, and can't wait for E3.

I hope we see some gameplay!

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The real killer2999d ago

Man, i hope we will see more at E3 :)

DarkSpawnClone2999d ago

oh we will, what i want is a release date!.. KillZOWNED!!

rob60212999d ago

I think there will be more stuff to come before E3 from this game, then a whole bunch more at the show.

yoghurt2999d ago

I would be happy with KZ2 in new environments - but so far it seems they are going far better than that, improving and expanding in almost every way

Proxy2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

We got the engine, so now it's time to get some game.

It's nice to see great engines get a 2nd game on them.

Raf1k12999d ago

It would be a shame if they didn't especially considering the amount of time, effort and money put into creating them.

Morituri2999d ago

The engine they use is a beast. They started working on kz3 right after kz2 so all of these improvements are expected. They can concentrate on fine tuning graphics, story and gameplay. I think that this iteration is really going to blow alot of people away.

On a side note, I listened to the joystiq podcast recently about the reveal of kz3 and they were really going on about people not caring about the franchise, and asking why this sequel was even needed. For all of their fancy talk and 10 dollar SAT words those guys are really off the mark as far as what the general public wants.

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