DigitalMindSoft: Steam delays can be "very annoying and disappointing"

Whilst overall Steam is considered to be a good platform for PC Gaming, not everyone is happy with them 100% of the time.

Speaking at this year's Prague'N'Play event for 1C, Chris Kramer - Managing Director of DigitalMindSoft and developer on the Men of War series, expressed frustration at times when delays in Steam's own patching process fragmented their player-base.

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DigitalAnalog2880d ago

And my PC can run current-gen games at decent settings... What gives, I'm even using XP for crying out loud?

-End statement

champ212880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

dont see what the problem is. ran fine with me. could check the steam forums for help. Portal is awesome.

DigitalAnalog2880d ago

I even tried the Steam support and so I keep getting this hl2.exe startup error every time I run this game. Re-installing and re-downloading it again and it still didn't run.

-End statement

nnotdead2879d ago

1. Right click on your game in steam
2. Click "properties"
3. Click "set launch options"
4. enter the cmd "-dxlevel 81" (without ")
5. click "ok" and close properties
6. launch the game
7. if the game is not working properly try the cmd "-dxlevel 70"

Conloles2880d ago

If your from Aus and using a filter turn it off.

nycredude2880d ago

Portal ran fine for me also. However I downloaded Star Wars: KOTOR and I can't get it to run for the life of me! Really disappointed! Damn old opengl game and my ati card.

nnotdead2879d ago

yeah KOTOR crashes on me a lot.