Multiplayer: Is It Ruining Games?

Baxy-Z take a look at some games of recent time and decides whether multiplayer has ruined games as developers focus more on that rather than the single player experience.

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FanboyAttack3034d ago

Yeah, I really hate the fact that developers have incorporated game modes that allow for unlimited enjoyment of a games core principles. Thereby extending the life exponentially in comparison to single player only experiences. I'd say yeah they ruined it.

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Galaxia3034d ago

How often do you actually play the multiplayer mode of every game you buy though? Most of the time I don't touch it at all, or just play it for about 2-3 days before I get bored and move along to something else. This gen COD4 and BC2 are the only ones to hold me longer than stated, and are the only ones I really care about. I'd be happier if every other dev just focused solely on the single player. I much prefer single player anyways. Sick of Coop and Mulitplayer in games at the moment.

NecrumSlavery3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

It really grinds my gears when they make online MP trophies needed for games that no one plays online for. There are 15 MP trophies for Bioshock 2 and I can't find one person who plays online. So much for that Platinum.

Or Achievements. Not trying to exclude my 360 pals from this madness. Doesn't Gears have an online trophy for 10,000 kills?

jmallymav3033d ago

people still play gears, u can find a match for gears

NecrumSlavery3033d ago

Oh nothing on gears, 10,000 is just slot. I was curious. It's mostly games that didn't need MP like bioshock, ghostbusters, etc

Tomdc3033d ago

omg games like overlord 2 what were they thinking!? I haven't been able to play a single online game! I don't have a clue what that kinda game mode is even like :(

ceiltsei3033d ago

Interesting how things have evolved since the 80s. First we have games that we compete against eachother using the score number, then its all about completing the story, then unlocking things, now trophies.

Anything to get to add value to the surface of a game. Sometimes it ends up a bit flawed, like the multiplayer portion of Metroid Prime 2. They tried something new and it sorta flopped, even though it was fun for a bit.

There are probably dozens of games you could add to the poor multiplayer list though.

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poindat3033d ago

I agree that multiplayer CAN add to the game's enjoyment and extend its life, but only when it is a purposed and serious aspect of the game. Which many aren't. This article is honestly not very good and looks at the wrong games. MW2 and BC2 are games that are based on the multiplayer (despite the author's claims otherwise), and so they have to be engaging and fun to survive. These games fundamentally RELY on the multiplayer aspect, so I agree that these games can not be ruined by online play as they are built purposely for multiplayer aspect.

On the other hand, it does very much ruin games that should otherwise be based around the single-player narrative. In these cases, the single player aspect is often relegated to a lower priority in order to accommodate the unnecessary multiplayer component. And as is the case with many things, when the developers try to excel at two things (multiplayer and single player), both end up being mediocre. It's inevitable. Development needs to be focused on one aspect or the other in order to be able to truly succeed. Many single player experiences could have been greatly improved had more focus lie in the narrative rather than unnecessary multiplayer (The Darkness immediately springs to mind). A gimped single player narrative is never any fun, and a tacked-on and poorly thought out online mode is even worse.

So, one can say neither that multiplayer is ruining games nor that it is creating better experiences all around. Because it does both. Multiplayer needs to exist within its own purposely built games in order to have any merit (and when they get it right, such as in Unreal Tournament and Battlefield then it is an amazing experience), but attached into an unlikely or unfitting genre or game, one that should be focused on the single player, then multiplayer is nothing but a leech on the game.

It really is a multifaceted argument, and I can easily see how both sides of the fence can make some good points.

gaminoz3033d ago

YES. With the loss of local multi the devs seem to focus too much of their team and time on the multi and less on the single player experience which tends to feel uninspired.

What you get is an okay single player with a tacked on multi that isn't going to be played a few months later (unless you are MW2, BC2,
or Halo...)

Usually a total waste.

DirtyLary3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I think multiplayer is the future.

Any game thats single player is a rental if it even interests me.

Multiplayer games are a buy. It's all about longevity.

Nothing beats competing vs another human mind.

ceiltsei3033d ago

I know what you mean.. but there are different genres that others are interested in, which work better in a single player environment. Also, casual players may find difficulty if one of their favorite genres were forced into multiplayer or single player.

Plancy3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I agree with you UserThree, multiplayer adds hours of fun to games. I usually never buy games that are single player only, I would either rent of buy them used for cheap on Amazon. Multiplayer adds replay value to a game, but it might be making some singe player experiences shorter.

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Yardie3034d ago

This article is just stating the obvious, MW2 is crap.

midgard2273034d ago

while MP is fun people wont even play a good SP game like bayonetta, DMC, ninja gaiden, heavenly sword, alan wake, and probably not the amazing looking Vanquish.

I have a friend who used to play games with me all the time as a competition to see who could beat it and get the most first but now he only plays games with MP.

honestly the only MP i like is fighting games or anything thats offline split screen.

and well demon's souls is the exception the online in that is amazing.

online MP has only brought lag, glitches, annoying racist people and children causing me to mute everyone.

its cool sometimes but nothing is better than playing with a real person beside u. i mean hookin up 3 xboxs to play halo 3 with 3 seperate tvs was awesome

Smash Daddy3034d ago

It's not so much ruining games as changing their direction.

NYC_Gamer3033d ago

i dont like when devs force mp onto single player games..

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