2K Planning To Launch Military FPS Franchise

2K Games are beginning to feel a little left out, and are now planning to enter the military first-person shooter genre, if a job listing is to be believed.

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SpaceSquirrel2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

That sounds interesting. Maybe it will be set in the modern era?

mjolliffe2995d ago

Hopefully they take their time with it and have a decent development team. They could replace Infinity Ward in the market!

SpaceSquirrel2995d ago

Could one of the BioShock studious be working on it?

mjolliffe2995d ago

It's certainly possible :D But the wouldn't that rule out a Bioshock MMO - especially as they're likely to be planning/developing Bioshock 3 now...

THC CELL2995d ago

Hmm do we really need a new military game ?

i want something like full spectrum warrior again that game was cool

N4GAddict2995d ago

I hope it's not another Modern Warfare clone.

RedDevils2994d ago

don't worry it will be the same, but maybe just adding something new who know :P

SpaceSquirrel2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

full spectrum warrior is a fantastic game. Too bad Pandemic Studios is no more =[

kidnplay2995d ago

I'm not sure the world needs another military FPS to be honest. Personally, I think that 2010 needs to be the year that the gaming industry finds some new niches, and begins to innovate and experiment with new styles and genres.

PhilipLarkin2995d ago

Great find - I hope it's realistic

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