New Killzone 3 artwork

A new artwork piece from the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive first-person shooter, Killzone 3, has been revealed.

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THC CELL2970d ago

Killzone 3
Lbp 2 before e3

Sony is working on something really good
cant wait to see how they win e3 again

Rainstorm812970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

Something tells me that KZ3 will get alot more gamer praise than the unending critism KZ2 received even though its clearly one of the best shooters this gen.

Sony, just dont focus on too many things that were already unvieled. Give us one unique LBP2 game, and a preview of some KZ3 gameplay, and then move on to some things we were never expeccting. That would make my E3.

mal_tez922970d ago

KIllzone 2 did get a lot of criticisms, and you are correct about it being one of the best shooters (THE best IMO)

The weighty feeling of the movement, aiming and shooting, as well as the cover system; seperated it from all the other generic shooters out there. It marked a new level of immersion that made for unbeatable fps fun.

Every FPS i've played since (MW2, BC2, Bioshock 2, Call of Juarez) feels like childs play compared to the gameplay mechanics of Killzone 2.

I'm hoping for Killzone 3 to keep the gameplay the same, but add more things into it.

frankymv2970d ago

something epic is about to happen......

ArchangelMike2970d ago

They prolly want to give Move a lot of breathing space at E3, gone is E3 '05 when the KZ2 trailer reveal WAS the show. But then again, if they have playable demo's of games like KZ3, LBP2, Infamous 2, good heavens Uncharted 3 (even a trailer of Uncharted 3 would win E3 for Sony). I'm guessing E3 '10 is Sony's to loose tbh.

Rainstorm812970d ago

I on a 360 and every year looking at thier E3 line up makes me think, how can they compete with majority multiplats and 3rd party dev exclusives?

Nintendo has shown the blueprint for years.....without great 1st party support, you cannot have longevity. Although nintys 1st party support is also its achelles heel, they have about 5 franchises anyone really cares about and the 3rd parties have all but jumped ship.

As you said its really sony's show to lose.

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Silly gameAr2970d ago

Need a wallpaper of that first image.

kenpachi2970d ago

i wanna dynamic theme for that first image

fOrlOnhOpe572970d ago

my flabber is well and truly (hel) ghasted!

Ravage272970d ago

that would make a perfect wallpaper

animboo2970d ago

would like a high def pic of that, i only have the 850x580

Hyrius2970d ago

SOCOM 4, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, InFamous 2, The Last Guardian, Versus XIII, Agent, GT 5 + Resistance 3, MotorStorm 3 and Starhawk to announce + surprises + 3D + Move = Sony will destroy E3.

peeps2970d ago


didn't rockstar say they wouldn't be attending E3. This could mean sony themselves show off a new trailer for the game but wudda thought rockstar would wanna be there?

e-p-ayeaH2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

from what it seems

gijsbrecht2970d ago (Edited 2970d ago )

I do hope we get to have some sort of art book in the future. Personally I think the Killzone universe has some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen. In my opinion anyway.

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