3xG Fed up of Fanboys

3xG says: "You won’t believe how many emails and comments we get from people trying to pick flaws in the PlayStation 3. A lot of these people seem to have founded their knowledge on 2006 facts, so it’s time we hammered home some truths."

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stonecold12998d ago

when you hear developers like square quantic dreams xbox cant do heavy rain and like cliffy b said a few years ago about 360 then look at final fantasy 13 town taken out same with huge world explores and no shops holding gaming back to reach its potienal and 360 has not have 1 game to top uncharted 1 let alone uncharted 2 god of war 3 still 360 cannot manages these games because idiots multiplatform developers got to make both versions the same the fact 360 technlogy is outdated until they thenwhen they can get a game that can topped those games i metioned above then they can speak up end statement

failsoles2998d ago

Being a fanboy is fail.

mikeslemonade2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

Most of the 360 zealots on N4G don't break these "myths" anymore.
1. They know no game on 360 is F'ing with Uncharted 2
2. They know they have very few exclusives
3. They know the quality on PS3 is respectable atleast

I think as a PS3 zealot myself I've done a good job at telling the truth and drilling it into their thick skulls.

El Botto2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

The very fact is that this gen the most beautifull games and most advanced games are all PS3 exclusives.

And this is not the first time, developers have defended the Playstation3.

Capcom, 2kGames, EA, Activision, Treyarch, Konami, even Bungie have commented on that the Playstation IS without any doubt the most powerfull console today.

Thats why facts favor the PS3 and thats why bots fight a losing battle. When the facts are basically biased towards the PS3, anyone who sits on the opposite camp will naturally find himself crying a lot.

Its simple. The laws of physics dictate that when you drop an apple, it will fall down. We call it gravity. Anyone who is betting on the apple to float, is gonna lose money and reputation.

Wrathman2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

just like third party devs wont come out and develop solely for the ps3.if they do,they do it at their own peril.

'gonna lose money and reputation'

sid4gamerfreak2998d ago

You know what's worse than fanboys, though? ANTI - Fanboys. You know why? Because they keep whining. Atleast fanboys are standing up for something and arguing good defensive points. What do anti- fanboys do? They whine and whine and whine and call people faggots.

Its good to be something in the middle, not a complete fanboy (you argue but not at the extend of saying utter bs, bashing or having opinions without supporting them) yet not a complete anti fanboy (who keeps whining and does not stand up for anything).

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Kahvipannu2998d ago

I don't know if I should take your comment seriously, since that's propably the most common "undeniable truth" comment in N4G. But I can tell you really haven't played X0 games, or maybe you just don't want to play them? Oh, and by the way, some dots (.) in your comment would be nice. For example Mass Effect 2, play that, and say that comment again, it basically does everything. And for the rest, towns not included in FF isn't x0's "fault", it's Squares "fault".

Article was well written, but I'm guessing they get tons of more e-mail now XD But why do they care if someone is so blind to see the thruth befind theyr "fan-goggles", one article won't make them believe rational words, it's just flaming.

extermin8or2998d ago

however the open world was taken from FF13 becuase of the 2 discs, if you have to change the disc to enter a portion of the map its going to draw you away from the experience so; they decided it would be better to remove it so although there fault the DVD format was the catalyst

Kahvipannu2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

They just didn't have time / resources to do XIII bigger game it was ment. Just look all the details and scope of everything in it, it's massive amount of work already, and they were working with brand new hardware, and made brand new engine for it. They simple chose more bling, less content with theyr usage of time.

Also ME2 (2dvd's) is open world, and LO is open world (4 dvd's), and you don't have to change discs when you change region. It's all about programming, and pacing the game. You change discs at certain points, when story progresses.

I get a lot disagrees saying this, but; Lost Odyssey (4dvd's) is classis "FF-game", it has all the things which fans recognice FF-game. It's simple example that FF is possible on DVD in massive scale. And it was best "FF" I have played. Square just took too big slice to bite, maybe theyr next instalment on new hardware is better..

vhero2998d ago

They also missed the fact that 360 has more exclusives - this is a lie as most 360 exclusives are on pc also which most people seem to forget is a valid platform. Except for that its a cracking list.

stonecold12998d ago

cant do real 1080p since the console does have standred def dvds and the console should never be consider high def and remeber greenburg metioned no hdmi cables needed and playing 360 games on standred tv was good and rush out and its faulty cant do real 3d gaming wipeout tekken 5 gt5 pro ridge racer 7 gt5 the real driveing simulator 1080p final fantasy 13 ps3 version 1080p in game cut scene forza 3 has 720p no weather effect 400 cars no 3d head tracking swapping dvd in these stone age and gt5 has 100 plus cars plus night day weather 1080p 60 fps no need swapping over at all plus all on 1 blu ray disk

failsoles2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

PS3 only does 5% of its games in 1080p too. Only PC can do 1080p in all games.

GT5 isnt 1920 *1080, its 1280*1080 so thats not full HD.

having bluray doesnt = 1080p. IF that was the case then all PS3 games would be 1080p, PC wouldnt be doing 1080p if DVD was a limitation.


full version is still 1280*1080p

Apolloeye2998d ago

Prologue ran at 1280x1080, the full version runs in full 1080p

Sitris2998d ago

What does it achieve for you personaly?

vhero2998d ago

I love how people are talking about the resolution of GT5 and the game isn't even released yet.

extermin8or2998d ago

@ his @ below thing, as the game's not been released and polyphony said it will have full 1080p how could you know that the full version doesn't run at that?

sid4gamerfreak2998d ago

@failsoles: True bro, but don't tell the console fanboys that! They'll feel buthurt!

I tried telling them before that not all PS3 games run in 1080p and only the PC can run games in that resolution but then they all got buthurt! Then they listed games like Sudoku (WTF) that play in 1080p. I don't want them to feel like that and waste time on something they know theyre gonna lose, ya know?

Oh yeah, and blue ray has nothing to do with resolution.

@Sitris: Why do you console fanboys troll pc articles? What does it achieve for you personally?

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christian hour2998d ago

I'm a big fan of Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee is a funny guy. But I am not a big fan of zero punctuation in written work. Seriously, I want you to meet some friends of mine. They are "," and "." and sometimes their cousins "!" and "?" or one of their long distant friends ":" and ";" or those wacky sex addicted neighbours "(" and ")". Please, your comments are impossible to read. If you want anyone to hear what you have to say, they're not going to read it if its just a block of text with no clear indication of rhythmic patterns or where a sentence ends and begins.

This stuff should be ingrained from Primary/Elementary school. Ah screw it I'm just going to block you because I honestly don't think anything I say will change your habits on anything. You also need to stop being such a console bi*ch and start playing games. Who cares if the 360 can't do full HD on most its games (same can be said for PS3), or that blu ray can hold more. There is a multitude of quality titles on both PS3 and 360 with excellent gameplay, which is all that should matter before you even consider anything else. Also please don't bring frames per second into the argument. The only time a frame rate should come into question is if theres slow motion effects used during gameplay (such as bullet time, or replays). Human eye can only see 24 frames a second, so those extra 36 frames mean crap all at normal speed.

M-Easy2998d ago

That 1st paragraph is epic lol.

AusWarrior2998d ago

I bet they'll get more emails now!

ReBurn2998d ago

Especially since that article is nothing more than a huge whining rant. Perhaps the author should have taken his own advice and just let it go.

cobraagent2998d ago

Now xbox fanbos will shut up(hopefully)!!


Why because these guys say so...

I doubt it.

The facts have been known for a long time, it has not changed anything.
There are great games on the 360, but that does not stop sony fans slagging it off all day.

fanboys are fanboys, they are all just as bad. Having said that, I think there is a little fanboy in all of us even if you own both systems.

wages of sin2998d ago

I hate n4g and you cultist SDF types. You people ruin gaming with your stupidity.

iamgoatman2998d ago

And this is news, how?

Fanboys/trolls will always be ignorant, some list isn't going to change their minds.

Kahvipannu2998d ago

Have a bubble, that's exactly what I told above. And agreed, this isn't news, but sadly this is how N4G rolls..

iamgoatman2998d ago

We seem to have at least one article a week with "fanboy" in the title, and it always turns into a pointless discussion (if you can call it that) about whether being a blind zealot is a good thing or not.

The best thing you can do is just report it and not fuel the fire.

bjornbear2998d ago

or stopped giving attention to fanboys, maybe they'd subdue and retreat.

stuff like this just brings them all out to bicker at eachother.

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