OXCGN’s Nier Review: Taste like ‘piss on a campfire’?


"It’s not a fully immersive role-playing game, nor is it a stylised action romp.

Nier is a muddled concoction of ideas that don’t quite coalesce. There are moments where brightness shines through, and one begins to think they’ve misjudged the game, but these occurrences are rare and fleeting. Another title published recently by Square Enix – Final Fantasy XIII – knows full well what kind of a paradigm-shifting beast it is, whereas Nier seems to be suffering from a slight identity crisis.

Developed by Japan’s Cavia (the team behind the rather dismal 2006 third-person shooter Bullet Witch), Nier revolves around a principal character with the same name as the game’s title. He’s gruff, battle-worn and has made it his mission to rid his daughter, Yonah, of an evil that’s infected her known as ‘The Black Scrawl’."

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BadCircuit2965d ago

I like action RPGs but this review makes it sound like a repetitive game, which is what I HATE the most. I want my hours to be well spent and not wasted running around doing the same thing over and over again. I don't think I will get this game because of that aspect.

XboxOZ3602965d ago

You should see some of the images and the scenery in this game - sheezzess

For a 3-4th generation game on the 360 this looks terrible, and what's with Surfboards in a mystical medievil setting RPG - yes, surfboards, check the pic out halfway down the page . . . . WT!!

And clown faces and hats made of wood that just rest on characters heads . . .

Does anyone actually vet these games before setting them lose on the world, it seems not.

gaminoz2965d ago

I think western RPGs are advancing in gameplay but JRPGs don't seem to be changing much...That can be a good thing if you like it. Here though it looks like a fail.

Belgavion2965d ago

Oh man I forgot to say something about the fishing in this game. If you want to play something where you try to fish, the controls don't make sense and you rarely catch anything, then by all means purchase Nier.

gaminoz2965d ago

Fishing??? Like trying to be Zelda-esque?

XboxOZ3602965d ago

This is what I mean, check the images out in the thumbnails at the end of the review, there's a few fishing shots there. They not only look terrible, but why in gods name would you have fishing in a compabt based RGP . . and the Surfing,. , .and crop growing, fertilizing - yes, you get points for fertilizing your crops . . .

Isn't this supposed to be about Nier chasing the Black Scrawl to help his daught be set free from it . . so where exactly does surfing, crop management, fishing come into the greater scheme of things - answer . .no where.

It's simply there to extend the game for no real reason.

Yes, JRPGs seem to not evolve, and stay the way they have been for years. Almost as if they (Japanese) are scared to change things for fear of upsetting fans.

Whereas western developers are willing to go out on a limb and try new things. It's one of the reasons several Japanese developers are leaving and heading west for western markets. About bloody time I say.