Enslaved NOT 'as beautiful' As Uncharted 2, Says Xbox 360

NG: We've had hands-off demos of Enslaved. Way to jump the gun, people. Some of us sat at the very same gameplay preview and, while we saw a vibrant, dramatic and often gorgeously animated world, on a purely visual level, it came nowhere near the heady heights of Uncharted 2...

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FangBlade3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"As it stands, Uncharted 2’s texture detail is second-to-none, draw distances are positively gobsmacking... the Xbox 360 cannot physically hold a candle to the game"

"Even if the 360 could crunch the numbers (which it most certainly can’t), there’s also the small matter of storage space. 50 GBs on a Blu-ray versus the 360’s paltry 6.8GB of dusty old DVD space? Even if the machine could process the texture and model detail of Uncharted 2 (which, as we’ve said, it can’t), there’d be nowhere to hold all the information for it to process, anyway."

Music to my ears.

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El Botto3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

The article speaks the truth. And the fanboys know it.
Observe as the damage control begins.

DMason3029d ago Show
Rainstorm813029d ago

Was ninja theory wrong when they said Naughty Dog was the best devs right now?

Which is it? Are they the best or can they be matched by a company with one game im confused.

BTW everything NT has said recently is THIER opinion, including the statement above. Everything these devs say isnt fact.

Kleptic3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

DMason, it wasn't Ninja Theory that said Enslaved looked better than Uncharted, even on was some blog yesterday after watching 20 minutes of gameplay...

its simply a well written article to point out how retarded it is when people try to trivialize the visual fidelity of games like Uncharted 2...a multiplatform title will NEVER be as impressive visually, its simply not how multiplatform development works this generation...

Godmars2903028d ago

One sad thing this gen is showing, DMason, is that statements taken from dev, such as Square, Remedy, cannot be taken at face value.

Can't really trust articles like this either for that matter.

kancerkid3028d ago

I guess you are the fanboy then (el botto) for not even acknowledging the facts. The fact is Ninja Theory said the animation of Enslaved would be as beautiful as Uncharted's.

starchild3028d ago


Hey buddy you are talking out your you know what. It wasn't some blog writer after watching a video, it was a reviewer from CVG that said it after he did a preview of the game and saw it running in front of him.

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Oldsnake0073029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

They said it would be as beatiful as Uncharted not Uncharted 2 lol.

AssassinHD3028d ago

You have it wrong too. They said it was "as beautifully animated as Uncharted". That is not the same thing as being "as beautiful".

36T3028d ago

Saaking, you must feel so special. Get a friend. Internet friends don't count. lol!

MNicholas3028d ago

I'm sure they'll do a fine job. They have a good engine with features like depth of field, cloth simulation, HDR, 4xAA, etc.

However, suggesting that it will match Uncharted 2 when no multiplatform game (or 360 exclusive) has come close is beyond ridiculous.

jakethemuss3028d ago

Are you seriously implying that an entity can only be 100% right or 100% wrong? Lol.

Dance3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

they manged to fit red dead on xbox disc and even in hd

ShinMaster3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Geez, is that the only game you guys like to troll about every time? Lol
It's like one game out of several sub-hd games on 360 that's actually in HD.
If you like that, then FF13 says hi again.

SaberEdge3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

ShinGino, what an absolutely ignorant comment. You do realize that there are more games on the PS3 that are sub-HD than there are on the 360? Check out the following list Do you notice how many multiplatform games that are full 720p on the 360 that are sub-HD on the PS3?

As far as exclusives being sub-HD, well both consoles have them. MGS4 and the Ratchet & Clank games on the PS3, and Halo 3 and Alan Wake on the 360.

ShinMaster3028d ago

I never said the PS3 didn't have any more or less games in sub-hd.

man0fsteel3027d ago

i'm sorry but comparing whats packed into Uncharted on one disc compared to whats packed into RDR one disc is like comparing a New York Strip steak to a Box of Steak-Ums

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ABizzel13028d ago

To be fair Heavenly Sword was a great looking game, and Ninja Theory should be able to make a much better looking game since it's been 3 years since Heavenly Sword.

The article said Uncharted, so could anyone specify if they actually said Unchated 2.

If not then their statment is somewhat true, because the game looks slightly less impressive than Uncharted 1 graphically which is not an insult since Uncharted 1 is still one of the best looking games this gen.

I expect this game to be on the level of Uncharted 1, since Ninja Theory themselves stated they following in the foots of Naughty Dog and trying to create something similar to Uncharted, but with this being their first attempt I expect it to fall just short of the mark Uncharted 1 set back in 2007.

I expect a lot of 8/10's for this game.

Double Toasted3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

nowgamer? Pffttt *FACEPALM* LLLLLOOOLLL!!!

Edit: What is nowgamer going to say when Crysis 2, Brink, Rage, Gears 3 comes out? Guess what? All those games are on the 360! Way to lose cred with your flamebait artcicle, before I even knew or heard of you. Funny, I now know you because of this article, lol. But at the same time its rather sad...

n4gno3028d ago

Yeah yeah pure fan in total denial, you were also saying before "wait for halo 3" "wait for alan wake" etc etc

and everyone can see that even if you are excited years before games come, with trailers (not made by 360), not a single game can compete with KZ2, uncharted 2, or even ratchet and clank (etcetc), on xbox360

WetN00dle693028d ago

Meh, KZ2 although great is nothing special, just hope they fix the crane legs for KZ3. As for uncharted 2 now that game is amazing!

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bobcostus3028d ago

Oh my flipping GOD will you people give it a rest? WHO $&*#ing cares!? As long as the game is enjoyable and looks decent, it shouldn't have to match uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 was amazing, Enslaved will be good as well.

I'm getting so tired of this site and all the commenter just waiting to argue about which system is better or which game looks the best.

Red Dead Redemption is a perfect example that a game can be both good looking and play extremely well across both platforms.

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FACTUAL evidence3028d ago

Doesn't matter. Enslaved doesn't even look as good as heavenly sword, and that's FACTUAL!

CellularDivision3028d ago

Factual, your opinion is not FACTUAL. You can say HS is technically superior to Enslaved, which might be true, but saying it looks good as HS sounds more like an opinion. Opinions are not facts. Graphics can look "good" to some others, while look like crap to others. Look at Okami.

Think about it, there are people who think UC2 looks better than Crysis. Of course, Crysis would then be dismissed, as it is on the master platform, so it would be deemed unfair.

Shepherd 2143028d ago

Sounds like this site has a vendetta out for the 360. They stated that the 360 couldnt handle it three time in a paragraph that is less than five sentences long.

I also dont believe Naughty Dog is the best devs this gen. They are up there, but they dont really know how to stay in touch with a community.

But hey, theyre good at making high-res textures and models, which is what keeps you coming back to a game, right?

NYPunk883028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Just bought UC1 for $20. Sweet.

@Cold 2000

Apparently you cared enough to make a post about it. Poor insecure little gamer.

wages of sin3028d ago

Really dude, really...
Uncharted 1 and 2 are great games. And allthough I haven't played them in awhile (sitting on my PS3 shelf)I respect them as great games. However, imo, UC2 is WAY overrated. Great game to be sure, but the be all end all? Not even close. However, that's how it goes for PS3 exclusives. They tend to be awesome yet very over rated.

When Mario Galaxy 2 wins game of the year; which it should and will, watch the SDF go into hyper spin mode.

tplarkin73028d ago

I have played about 20 minutes of Uncharted 2 at my cousin's house. In that 20 minutes, I saw nothing that was fundamentally different than anything on 360. The textures were not perfect, either.

I'm only saying this because many people keep beating the drum that UC2 is the second coming of video games. I want to see a tangible comparison to demonstrate the differences.

Perhaps Gears vs UC2? Or, whatever is considered the best 360 game vs UC2.

squallheart3028d ago

make sure you have a decent hd set up. I played on a 65 inch tv with 7.1 and wow. I would mention god of war but have yet to play it since I have a back log of games i have to catch up.

LeonSKennedy4Life3028d ago

God of War 3 is the best looking console game...followed by Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2.

The only 360 game that looks anywhere close to them is Metro 2033. It's gorgeous!

The best looking games in general are Crysis with mods, Metro 2033 on PC, and God of War 3.

I honestly don't know how you can state differently.

rockleex3028d ago

If the 130+ agrees hurt you that much, please at least TRY to provide a counterpoint to what FangBlade quoted.

It would, at the very least, make you sound more intelligent rather than coming off as an insecure fanboy.

But like usual, 360 fanboys CAN'T provide counterpoints. They always rely on shifting the conversation somewhere else instead.

beardpapa3028d ago

FangBlade's comment shows at least 130 fanboys from one console and at least 30 fanboys from another that bumped into this article. =)

IdleLeeSiuLung3028d ago

No factual evidence to any of the wild claims from a journalist none the less. Yet, Fangblade got 141 agrees to 33 disagrees at the time of this writing.

This site users are certainly skewed on one platform. Doesn't matter, I still enjoy all my consoles.

freshPiMP913028d ago

I agree with what was written ( because we havent seen anything on 360 come close to Uncharted 2 on PS3) but WOW...the amount of agrees you got SHOWS that this site is FULL OF PS3 fanboys. If this isnt proof...idk wat is. Hilairous haha

3028d ago
vhero3028d ago

Who cares?? Give us real gaming news already! Am I the only one sick of hearing about this and that game being compared to uncharted?? Give it a rest already..

Bigpappy3028d ago

This is not a 360 game. The game is also on the PS3. They could easily use bluray to make it look better than Uncharted if the writer thinks that makes UC2 unbeatable. This sounds like a how dear you mention a 360 game and graphics against the mighty UC2 on PS3. The problem there is: the game is olso on PS3 and being made by a developer who knows the system quit well.

Straight up fanboy article.

DevastationEve3028d ago

People should just give up on them honestly, all they seem to play over and over are their stupid jabs at Microsoft for not supporting bluray.

It's why their console sales have always been strong and why people still buy Xbox 360.

On topic, Enslaved comes from the guys who made one of the best looking first generation PlayStation 3 titles and now that they've gone multiplatform they're being treated like they don't exist.

Enslaved will easily beat Uncharted 2.

Xbox 360 will continue to prove that HD gaming doesn't need bluray. Sony will continue to shove bluray down gamers' throats in order to make them believe games need bluray out of the box but not an HDMI cable.

yewles13028d ago

And as usual, ApocalyPS3 still has his own "ApocalyPS3" over the fact that the PS3 is here to stay. XD

SaberEdge3028d ago

God, these guys are such PS3 fanboys. Nearly everything I see from them always has some positive PS3/anti-360 spin. What a joke.

Dirk Benedict3028d ago

it might be music to your ears, but to me it is known gospel, since 2006.

Tachyon_Nova3028d ago

"Dusty old DVD", Crysis says hello directly from my DVD drive. The problem is more the fact that it has no hardrive in the arcade model than the available space on a DVD...

Either way, you could tell right from the first screens that the game (Ensalved) was gonna be nowhere near the graphics level of UC2, it looks pretty much the same as Heavenly Sword to be honest.

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THC CELL3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

lol no game on xbox 360 looks as good as uncharted 1 so where did 2 come from ?

3 + dis
name ya games

bviperz3028d ago

That was good!

Now off to wipe my drink from my nose...