Release window set for Grandia in Europe

SCEE’s Mike Kebby reveals the timeframe for the re-release of Grandia on the European Playstation Store.

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-Mezzo-2909d ago

Cool, i wonder how many Europeans would be interested in this.

SpaceSquirrel2909d ago

Hopefully a lot. Grandia is one of the best RPGs on Playstation.

mjolliffe2909d ago

I hope there would be a lot, but my bet is that there isn't a huge amount...

Lucreto2909d ago

There won't be a big demand for it just by judging by the comment section on the blog. I am one of the few who keep asking for it. Comparing it to FF VII which had nearly every second comment asking for it.

Optical_Matrix2909d ago

Thank the lord. I remember renting this as a kid, loving it, but getting no where near finishing. Can't wait :D Loved this gameeee

kasasensei2909d ago

Oh great, i never had the chance to play it.

Lucreto2909d ago

I can't wait to play it on my PSP during the Summer. One of my favourite games on the PS1 era.

I want to use Dragon King Slice and Heaven and Earth Cut again.

Senden2909d ago

Pfft The dragon magma attack thing was where it was at! This was certainly one of the classic ps1 rpgs.

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