Super Street Fighter IV Premium Theme 7 Is Too Sexy

Andriasang: Live out your wildest Street Fighter fantasies in the latest Xbox 360 premium theme.

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badz1492967d ago

that will be kinda scary with all those huge laps, thigh and everything!

AbyssGravelord2967d ago

"Street Fighter: Veiny Leg Volleyball"

HolyOrangeCows2967d ago

Oh yeah! Cartoons in bikinis!


yoshiroaka2967d ago

@orange hey i love me some cartoons in bikinis dude!

But on the note of street fighter, i thought the designs that they choose were in most cases terrible. Chun li used to be a sight to behold but now...

Cammy still looks good tho.

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N4GAddict2967d ago

Don't give Capcom any ideas.

M-Easy2967d ago

If you squint at the thumbnail pic it kinda looks like SSF4 henti (SP?)

ultramoot2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )'re drooling over cartoons? I drool over this -

Fishy Fingers2967d ago

Lets conform to the gamer stereotype and all open our wallets to Capcom because they drew some t*ts...

No thanks, I've got the Internet.

Crusade2967d ago

or there's the internet.

ultramoot2967d ago

or there's real life...

asdr3wsfas2966d ago (Edited 2966d ago )

My girlfriend looks like a less intimidating Cammy =D When we make love I roll her into a ball and yell "smashing!"

mcgrawgamer2967d ago

or the internet PLUS real life!

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