Difference of Opinions: Alpha Protocol EU vs. US Reviews – who’s right and who’s wrong ?

"Many of you have probably noticed how many radically different Alpha Protocol reviews are out there, both in terms of overall scores but also regarding the appreciated/criticized elements. If you take a closer look at these articles (online or written) you will observe that two trends exist: one that consists of bashing almost all the game’s components, and another one that appreciates the game as a blend that’s ultimately better than the sum of its parts."

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despair2913d ago

good article and very true...from what I read many of the technical issues exist with the big budget games but are overlooked just because of the game name. These much less hyped titles get ragged on for the same overlooked flaws.

I for one am willing to give this a try and will reserve judgement til then...I mean it can't be as bad as Mass Effect 1 now can it?

morganfell2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I gave it a try and it is absolutely atrocious. I am willing to overlook the worst use of the Unreal 3 engine ever. Or the ridiculous animations. But the game play and design are complete trash. I can't recall every time I ran across the dumbest enemies ever that ran at me and did so because of the world's most obvious trigger.

DId you reach the main objective in a level? Yes. Did you check around to make sure you were alone? yes. When you hit X to complete that important objective did enemies suddenly spawn out of thin air and start attacking you? Yes. And it happens everywhere.

Getting to the extraction helo in one of the game's first missions is a joke. Enemies firing SAMs up into the air when there isn't a chance in hell of hitting their target (the helo is sitting on top of the hill eclipsed from their point of view. And all the while they ignore you as you kill them. Then you can watch the moronic trigger system go into over drive as you move from point to point. Enemies scramble about in that choppy animation with no sense of the 'I' part of 'AI'.

I have only traded about 4 games back in my life. I can usually find something worthwhile in a title. Not this time. This will be number 5.

gaffyh2913d ago

Yeah, you really need to play this game as a stealth game and not a shooter. If you are spotted, you may as well die. On the other hand, playing as completely stealth is fun and easier, except for when you have to get into a shootout.

Do not get it if you're a shooter fan, it just isn't up to par at all.

nycredude2913d ago

Lots of games have moronic Ai and only the best games have really good Ai. Even the Metal Gear Solid games are at fault here. Mercs 2, Saints Row, Oblivion, and Just Cause 2 all have crap Ai like this. It isn't isolated to AP. This is a spy rpg not a shooter. Level up your stealth and the Ai will trigger less. I think Sega just doesn't have the budget some of the other big publishers have. Look at Yakuza 3 tons of design flaws and an obvious lack of big budget with last gen graphics and yet still immensely enjoyable.

Cerberus21252913d ago

I'm playing the game and half of the game is great,the other half is not as bad as they say,RPG fans who love and ever changing story according to their choice of worlds will love this game,providing they can overlook the last gem graphics,and the moronic AI,the leveling system is a good of shooters have no business here

Rainstorm812913d ago

Mass Effect 1 destroys this game in every way. Not to mention alot of the RPG element in this game seems to be inspired by ME.

The main turn off of this game is the controls, for me. The cover system is bad, the shooting & aiming is bad, just overall general movement feels like a chore.

In my time with this game i feel like overall its a very forgettable experience. ME has its flaws, but AP takes those flaws to new heights.

ryuzu2913d ago

Maybe the problem was Sega's marketing budget - it was enough to pay off Euro reviewers but not enough to cover the US as well...

Those are the cynical times we game in....


Tony P2913d ago

I was looking for depth, customization, and branching scenarios. All those things I missed in ME2 despite my enjoyment of that game.

And AP certainly succeeds where ME2 cut content. ME2 may have the polished shooting, but AP has the deeper RPG elements. AP is for people who believe BioWare didn't redefine RPGs so much as strip them down some with ME2.

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King Hippo2913d ago

Reviews are just another person's opinion.

andron6662913d ago

Haven't played the game, but I was interested before all the bad reviews. But checking metacritic there are a number of different opinions on this. Might check it out when it's on sale...

Cerberus21252913d ago

check my previous statement.

ArchangelMike2913d ago

I have been waiting for this game since they initially delayed it. Shame about all the poor reviews, I would have definately picked it up. Now I'll invest my money in Read Dead instead of this mess (hey that kinda rhymes).

Rainstorm812913d ago

If you get this over RDR, you should have your head examined. Red Dead isnt without its issues, but RDR greatness outweighs its flaws. The same cant be said for AP.

magnifier2913d ago

I disagree with you. RDR might just be the most repetetive piece of crap I have ever played. I enjoyed Alpha Protocol alot more than RDR.

SilverSlug2913d ago

Not a perfect game, but a fun game. The textures are ugly, the shooting is meh. But the game does not have technical problems that Mass Effect 1 had. I still think the writing was better (not that far in, so I might change my mind) than mass effect.

The issue with Mass Effect was loading, texture pop in. Even though the game has some of it (texture, not loading), its not as apparent as ME. Also it does not jitter (so far) out of nowhere.

Cerberus21252913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

you hit the nail on the head.

@ ultramoot, so did you play the game?

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