Famitsu PSN Top 10 (04/29/10 – 05/12/10)

Latest PSN Sales Rankings are out on Japanese PSN. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker takes the top PSN release spot. While Final Fantasy 7 still holds strong on Game Archives.

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hot4play3033d ago

When is FF9 coming out in the US store? I also want Xenogears, Legend of Mana, FF Anthology/Chronicles, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve........

Vinster3033d ago

I would take a guess that FF9 will come the the US store during E3 week like they did with FF7.

hot4play3033d ago

Really? I hope so, can't wait to replay it!

Marceles3033d ago

I'm surprised FF9 isnt in the top 10 even though its been out there for awhile. Japan has Square wrapped around their finger so well they even have Saga Frontier 2 on the PSN store

hot4play3033d ago

FF9 is an under-appreciated title. I think people were put off by the art direction but its easily my favorite PS1 FF.

Saga Frontier 2 had great art/graphics as well but I didn't get to finish it. Maybe when it's released on US PSN I'll get another chance.. :p