The best game consoles of the 2000s

Helium: The 2000s saw the demise of Sega in the game console industry, and then the rise of another perhaps more potent player. In their place, Microsoft emerged with new and exciting game console.

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halojunkie2993d ago

in my opinion, THE SONY PLAYSTATION 3.

Anarki2993d ago

I want to know why the PSN "doesn't even come close to xbox live" that in itself is bullshit and I stopped watching after wards.

BeaArthur2993d ago

It's called an opinion.

Wrathman2993d ago

why did you stop watching?is it because your in denial?or because you cant stand the truth?

aww poor you need a hug?would that make you feel better?

mal_tez922993d ago

I think he means: "In terms of price, PSN doesn't even come close to xbox live"

As far as both services go, PSN has some games with dedicated servers which allow for lag free games for 32 - 60, or even 256 players with MAG

XBL has more advanced communication features and feels more structured

But in NO WAY should either of them cost money. So PSN win hands down as it is free. Also dedicated servers on huge games are awesome!

Anarki2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Yeah an opinion in which he didn't back up. So far the xboxlive only has one thing over the PS3, which is 1 feature. That is cross game chat. Everything else is similar.

Froma personal point of view, I've played both, and I'm yet to lag on the PS3. Even with my wag160n router(which has severe problems with the ps3(google it if you don't believe me).

@wrathman; Wtf are you talking about? I have a xbox360 and ps3, my xbox has a reoccuring 12month live subscription... Why would I be in denial?

GWAVE2993d ago

It's an industry catchphrase that people rarely challenge because they don't think for themselves.

I've spent plenty of quality time on PC, 360, and PS3's online setups over the years, and the only major difference is that I had to pay a yearly fee for one of them.

RedDevils2992d ago

a hug wouldn't make him feel better, a kick on on your nut(s) would definitely make him feel much better :)

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RedDevils2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

ps2 ps3 and maybe the 360 but most games I like on the 360 is mostly on the PC, so I would say the PC, since the pc got way better games than the 360

nickjkl2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

jon4lakers "im going to get some crazy ass comments down here"

UnwanteDreamz2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )


That about covers the best of the best.

BTW why are we approving videos made by kids about their fav consoles. This guys sack hasn't even dropped. I understand it is an opinion piece but who cares about this guys opinion?

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sid4gamerfreak2993d ago

Come on, stop approving this bs. Flame bait not accepted in n4g!!

BeaArthur2993d ago

Agreed, it's just some dude on his couch talking about what game systems he likes. This is probably the least news worthy piece of crap I have ever seen. I could go home and make a video of me playing games and it would get approved here. The title could be "random dude plays his PS3".

nikkisixx22993d ago

All gaming consoles were great, except for gamecube.

BeaArthur2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

I kind of liked the Gamecube. They had some solid titles for it.

mal_tez922993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Gamecube is better than the Wii.

My Wii never gets played. It just sits there.. taunting me... keeping me up at night... it haunts me!!!!

I will be getting SMG 2 after hearing so much about it.

sikbeta2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Hey! WTH are you Talking About!?

The GC is beast compares to the wii, that cube-thing with a tiny library of GOOD Games Beats the wii in so many ways...

nikkisixx22993d ago

I just think if you compare it to the regular xbox and ps2 at the time it was not a number 1 buy for the majority of people.

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