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Submitted by PaPa-Slam 2080d ago | opinion piece

Is the Playstation 3 really better than the Playstation 2?

Helium: Is the Playstation 3 console really better than the Playstation 2 console? Only those who have yet to own a Playstation 3 (PS3) can answer 'No' to that question. The newer version of the console has everything that a gamer craves. Wireless access to the internet and online play comes standard with the console. (PS2, PS3)

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halojunkie  +   2080d ago
wow, its like my 2010 alienware computer better than my 1995 mac.
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GreenRingOfLife   2080d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
Legosz  +   2080d ago
Haha yes. This is a misleading title to an article. The games might have been better but overall the system itself is not better. PS3 is the best console out there currently.
HolyOrangeCows  +   2080d ago
I don't think it's really necessary or possible to compare them.

The Ps2 has like, 10 years worth of games under its belt.
And obviously the Ps3 has the power and better online play advantage.
MNicholas  +   2080d ago
The PS2 was a better product.


It was more profitable.

At the end of the day, that's the only criteria that counts.
GWAVE  +   2080d ago
Profits count? Gee, and all these years I thought the actual games I was playing on the system were what mattered. I guess I'm not a true gamer...
MNicholas  +   2080d ago
You can make good games on any system
but not all systems will make you money.

However, even from a gamer's standpoint, the PS2 remains the better console.

No console before or since has come close to the quality or depth of it's games library.
RonXD  +   2080d ago
I love how these people are comparing the PS2 to the PS3 when PS3 hasn't even been on the market for over 5 years.
Montrealien  +   2080d ago
Sorry bud, you are way off base.


I don't understand what is so hard to understand here. As of right now, imho, the PS3 has not offered as much in it's first 4 years as the PS2 did. Why people seem to be taking offence to this blows my mind.

And yes GWAVE, you are right, games are really all that matters and imho the PS2 offered better games in its first 4 years then the PS3 has. however with that said, the PS3 has long legs so the final verdict on this is still a long ways off.
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insomnium  +   2080d ago
I disagree Montrealien. PS2 had a few big hitters in it's first 4 years but I still think the overall quality of games is better with PS3. I just had to point that out since I don't want to be a phantom disagreer.
Montrealien  +   2080d ago
its all good dude. Ans I respect your opinion. Even though I disagree it. :)
MNicholas  +   2079d ago
You start off saying I'm off base but then you repeat what I said about comparing games.

As for the issue of profitability as the determinant, you have to keep in mind that these devices only exist because the manufacturers hope that console sales will help increase company profits.

So far, the PS2 is way ahead of the PS3, in terms of fulfilling it's purpose.
AAACE5  +   2080d ago
The Ps3 is better than Ps2 in my opinion! But, there are several things that are slowing it's progress.

For one, the is very powerful! That's not a bad thing, but smaller developers don't have the resources to create games for it. The Ps2 was the weakest console last gen and once developers got past the learning curve, the Ps2 took off!

Number 2, Nintendo and MS realized the Ps2 was so popular because it had so many games. So this gen, developers saw the cheaper Wii and it's motion controls as an easy way to cash in. And with so many people buying the Wii, other developers who in the past gen would have went with Sony, instead chose Nintendo. These were mostly smaller games that would have been overlooked by most but are the same games that provided variety to a line up.

Number 3, MS decided to get a head start and to take some of Playstations big guns and make them go multiplat. Most of the franchises MS has went after were games that helped Sony dominate last gen. In any war, you want to eliminate an enemies weapons or give yourself the same weapons so the battle is more balanced, which is what MS did.

I know alot of Ps3 owners like to say quality is more important, but the Playstation brand was built on having the most games with alot of variety.
Miraak82  +   2080d ago
the ps3 still have the most variety out of the current gen consoles
Irnbruguy  +   2080d ago
alienware? oh wow.. probably cost the same as your 1995 mac lol
Montrealien  +   2080d ago
I think it is more like asking if Full throttle (1995) is better then Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. (2010)
nnotdead  +   2080d ago
Alienware and Mac? you need to learn how not to over pay for your PCs.
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-Alpha  +   2080d ago
This is an impossible comparison. It's all about relevance. I enjoyed both for different reasons. Also, you have to define "better".

The PS3 is obviously better in terms of power than the PS2 was when it came out, and the PS2 was a more significant and leading console than the PS3 is today, etc. In terms of games, I was playing GTA 3, Vice City, Dark Cloud 2, SSX3... those were all very innovative games. And with the PS3 in that same time I was playing CoD4, LBP, etc. Again, it's not comparable.
rkimoto  +   2079d ago
Come on dudes, this time GreenRingOfLife wasn't trolling... Unless he was being sarcastic, which it doesn't seem he was.

Please let's try to keep it civil and only vote whenever somebody is not being constructive, it would make for better conversations and/or debates.

Don't be a hater, be a gamer!

Back on topic:

I don't think it's fair to compare a 10 year old system with hundreds more games to a newer console. But it does seem to me that the quality of games has been improving each generation.

To do this more objectively, maybe a comparison of the games out for both in their first 4 years would be more fair... Still, this conversation is 5 years too early.
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creatchee  +   2079d ago
"wow, its like my 2010 alienware computer better than my 1995 mac. "

Kinda, but that's not the point.

Sure, the PS3 has better graphics and online, but are the games (in general) better? Is the experience better?

For me, the PS2 was the height of console gaming. It seemed like every week, a new amazing game was coming out and an experience different from what you were used to was ready to be had. I couldn't wait to get home from school (and later in the cycle, work) to play. I would stay up later than I should to play with friends online (yes, PS2 had online, although it wasn't as prevalent as today's consoles) or get one last level in by myself.

Don't get me wrong - I feel moments of awe on my PS3 (MGS4 and Uncharted 2 especially) but they are not as frequent as those that I felt on the PS2. In fact, they feel more like bigger versions of the same experiences that I had on PS2 for the most part. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, but the shock factor of seeing, feeling, and playing something incredible isn't there as much when you've already done it before - albeit at a graphically less impressive level.
Derekvinyard13  +   2080d ago
i approved this because i feel it will lead to good discussion :-)
Sigh  +   2080d ago
that's gonna be a huge debate... but I like both.
PaPa-Slam  +   2080d ago
this should be approved, I believe PS2 was a awesome but PS3 is a Marvel.
Derekvinyard13  +   2080d ago
this isnt as bad as an xbox vs ps3 story, so yes approve
despair  +   2080d ago
PS2 had a much wider range of games than PS3 at this point in its lifetime(especially JRPGs) but the quality of the games are on par or better than with the PS2(given next gen improvements) so it is better overall but I really want more JRPGs or even just proper RPGs for the PS3, then I'd be more than happy.
King Hippo  +   2080d ago
My PS3 can play PS1, PS2, & PS3 games all on 1 console so I would say yes considering I have tons of games to choose from.
Wrathman  +   2080d ago
for how much longer?it wont be long before sony rip that out of your machine feature in the ps3 is safe anymore!
Nicaragua  +   2080d ago
exactly how sore is your butt ?
jjesso1993  +   2080d ago
since when have sony ever removed a feature with out reason ? Linux was removed to protect the ps3 from pirates
callahan09  +   2080d ago
Oh be quiet, Wrathman. Sony only removed one feature, and let's be honest, it was a feature that compromised security. If I was Sony, I'd have removed it too. Other OS was tangential to the purpose of the machine, it was not one of the marketed features of the console and allowing it to stay would have been irresponsible. They're going to take away features like the ability to play PS2 games if your console currently has that feature, because that ability is not a security threat. Same goes for the ability to play games online. There is no security threat involved. So people saying that the free PSN is in jeopardy are wrong too(and I've seen that argument a lot since PSN+ was announced and since they took away Other OS).
mookins   2080d ago | Personal attack | show
Eddie20101  +   2080d ago
Dumb question. Yes the PS3 is better than PS2, better than Xbox 360, better than Wii.

My Opinion.
coolcut135  +   2080d ago
you just had to go there, didnt you.
Calm Down Sunshine  +   2080d ago
There's always one.

On topic, I'd say it's the online capabilities of the PS3 that give it an edge over the PS2.

Trying to get the PS2 online was like trying to replicate the mona lisa with your eyes closed.
Apolloeye  +   2080d ago
BeaArthur  +   2080d ago
Wouldn't the real question be, are PS2 games better than PS3 games? Obviously the PS3 is better than the PS2. That's like asking, is my old bubble SDTV better than my newer flat 1080p TV?
T9X69  +   2080d ago
I agree, no doubt about it the PS3 is better than the PS2. In terms of games though I feel the PS2 wins, there was games on PS2 I could play for hours and hours or weeks, months even years and not get bored. PS3 games as well as any new games released have less of a fun factor for me. It might be because I'm a SOCOM junkie and started off playing SOCOM 1 then played SOCOM 2 for 6 years. I feel the quality is higher in new games today but the overall content, fun factor, and playability is not as great as it use to be.
THC CELL  +   2080d ago
god i rather stick to is xbox really better than ps3

people will write anything these days

are they really that thick

Ps2 had the best games out so dose ps3
Greek God  +   2080d ago
Demon Souls
nuff said imo
ps2 was great too, but my most holy sh** moments were on my ps3^^
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divideby0  +   2080d ago
if you have to ask a question like this, you have nothing to bring to video gaming journalism and its a slowwwwwww day for you
blodulv  +   2080d ago
PS2 was the console that had the most games last gen, but it also was the place for a lot of shovelware... much like the Wii has this gen.

I think where the PS3 excels is in that it has placed an emphasis on quality, rather than quantity this time around. The PS3 really has an upscale feel about it compared to other consoles regardless of generation.

I like all the systems but I really think Sony is on to some great things with their current direction of the PlayStation brand.
Karooo  +   2080d ago
easily better than the PS2
but it needs more RPGS :)
BungieOnPS3   2080d ago | Spam
BrutallyBlunt  +   2080d ago
I think so
I never really used my Playstation 2 as a DVD player but I use my Playstation 3 as a blu-ray player all the time. Sure there might not be as many exclusives (3rd party) but who cares, there are a ton of great multiplatform games like Red Dead Redemption on it. The Playstation Network is also a great service, especially for being free.

The system went through some growing pains but thankfully the competition set them straight. We need the PC and the XBOX 360 and the Wii around. It keeps each platform on their toes to push one another and to create more value.

I do think the original Playstation, the PSX, gave me more fond memories. I was much younger then and the system simply blew me away. I think many of us have been spoiled over the years with such great games and technology that we often forget what it was like even just 10 years ago.
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Shane Kim  +   2080d ago
PSTriple is the best console ever created by mankind. It's games and features are unmatched. Cannot wait for KZ3. The game that'll shit all over the competition.
thief  +   2080d ago
Ask anyone who had one of the original PS3 60 gigs with PS2 BC
How much time you spend playing PS2 games?
And how much time on PS3 games?
You know the answer, don’t you?
jerethdagryphon  +   2080d ago
ill answer that 90 hours on kh2 over the past month
struggling through ico and sotc

zoe 2 :)
pop trillogy

quite a bit

on ps3

uh im not saying
but 100 hours in dynasty warriors 2 gundam so far
Imalwaysright  +   2080d ago
I have a 60 GB PS3 and since i got it i played: GTA 3, GTA San Andreas, Mgs3(twice), Mgs2, Gow1 & Gow2, SoTC, GT4, Soul calibur3, RE 4, RE Code Veronica, Okami and DMC. I also played 3 or 4 PS1 games in it. I think its safe to say that backwards ability of my ps3 is put to the test many times.

P.S. Cant wait for disagrees.
thief  +   2080d ago
To quote Kevin Butler
"Whats wrong with him"
Just kidding! And hoping that I will be able to play SoTC, remastered, on the PS3 soon.
keysy420  +   2080d ago
thing about buying a 360
is that you will eventually buy a ps3, but it doesnt work the oppisite way. what does no rumble have to do with the ps3 currently you cant even get sixaxss anymore just dualshocks so if that is what you are makinga decision on your more of a troll that you know. xbox live and games should be the only reason that you owna 360 and if the premium is like they say then halo and gears are the one reason to own a xbox reason why they have lost market share
Imalwaysright  +   2080d ago
To me it has to be the PS2!! Games>> Hardware. PS2 had quantity and quality. For 1 PS3 AAA there are probably 5 or more PS2 AAA games. Its possibly that the PS3 will catch up in that department but i doubt it because it doesnt have the 3rd party support that the PS2 had.

There is a reason why Sony is still supporting the PS2 and why the thing is selling after 10 years.
Milamber  +   2080d ago
I have very fond memories of PS2. Onimusha trilogy, Persona 3&4, Kingdom Hearts 1&2, Xenosaga ep.2, FFX, Ico & SOTC. Some of my favorite games ever.
saintlimin  +   2080d ago
My PS3 plays PS3, PS2, PS1 games, Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs and SACDs.
So yes, it is better than PS2.

Btw, the sky is blue too :p
peeps  +   2080d ago
well ps3's only been out 4 years and only recently has really been gaining steam. for me i had the best times with ps2 games tbh. This generation tbh has given some great games but non that have held my attention as much as ps2 games did. perhaps that's just me getting older though
gumgum99  +   2080d ago
I think both systems are awesome in their own way. I find it cool that the PS3 took cues from the PS2 in its new form factor, in both logo and matte finish.

I don't think you can really say how much better one PlayStation is better than another. Each PlayStation has brought something unique and awesome to gaming, so I personally feel that all of them are great in their own time, and would be unfair to find a unanimous winner.
BYE  +   2080d ago
Better Media Center, but...
The one thing I like better about the PS2 is that it feels more like an actual gaming console. You pop a disc in, and pretty soon after the game starts. No hard disc, no online, no long loading times, just the basic stuff.

Plus it's more compact and the DS2 controller is more sturdy.

So I would say PS2 is the better pure gaming console, while PS3 is the better overall system which is closer to the functionality of a PC.
Acquiescence  +   2080d ago
Hells yeah it is
It goes like this...


Maybe it's rose-tinted glasses at work, but I hold the PS1 and its games very dear to my heart. No other console has given me anything as awe-inspiring as Final Fantasy VII.

To put things in a bit more context, my top 3 favourite consoles would by the PS1, Dreamcast and PS3. I am seriously loving my PS3 at the moment, I've only had it for 5 months and I already know it's a fantastic piece of equipment that's providing me liberal amounts of joy right now. Beats the crap out of my Xbox360 (which I've had for about 2 years) in practically every department.
extermin8or  +   2080d ago
I cannot believe this even needs discussing
hot4play  +   2080d ago
It depends...
The PS3 is an evolution of the PlayStation brand, just as the PS2 was before. So "better" is subjective. :p

Technology: PS3 > PS2 > PS1
Nostalgia: PS1 > PS2 > PS3

jmallymav  +   2080d ago
Ps3 is better than ps2 cz I havnt seen any "disc read error" appear yet
Morituri  +   2080d ago
Lol! My friend, only people with 360's are gonna understand what you just said! Unfortunately, I too have felt the sting of the disc read error. It's always fun when you have played through a large chunk of a game and it freezes on you before you get a chance to save. /s
blakstarz  +   2080d ago
that all depends on how you look at it....from a technical standpoint, of course, that is a stupid question, but if you look at the longevity, I'd say that the PS3 is on its way to becoming better than the PS2. Its really not a fair comparison to make with something that has been out 10+ years and has a monstrous size library and the PS3 is just getting its sea legs going.
The PS3 has had a slow start, but its been kicking major ass since mid last year, I definitely say by 2011 the PS3 will have a definite stronghold and surpass the popularity (hence, I didn't say library-wise). The PS3 definitely has an undeniable unique set on exclusive games and via PSN to make it uniquely better than its older brother
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