Who is John Marston? Interactive Storytelling in Red Dead Redemption

Bitmob: Playing Red Dead Redemption, I found myself thinking a lot about the story, specifically within the context of the objective vs. subjective storytelling (which I discussed in a previous post). The one thing that I kept coming back to was that there are really two John Marstons: the one that Rockstar created and controlled, and the one that the players create for themselves within the game. Rockstar's John Marston exists in the cut-scenes and in-game dialogue, while the players’ John Marston fills the many moments in between.

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bbretterson2998d ago

More than any other Rockstar game, I felt the actions of my own character in Red Dead Redemption and the one in cut scenes were in sync. That's a big of part of why I liked the game so much.

TheLancer2998d ago

It appears Rockstar is narrowing that fine thin line it walks with character driven stories and open-world gameplay.

Dellis2998d ago

This game is good but kinda stale and boring at times, story is cool after you watch some clint eastwood.

Sadie21002998d ago

I really like the main character. He's an atypical game protagonist, and not just because you can play him good or bad.