"Save Journalism" My A**

Ironstar: A recent article by Kotaku suggests that the FTC are campaigning to "Save Journalism" by various proposals, and one proposal is the FTC are trying to propose a 5% hike in taxes for "Consumer Electronics" which consist...

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dizzleK2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

no more f*cking more f*cking bailouts. no more f*cking government control of industry. and certainly no government hands involved in a "free" press, mainstream media already pumps out enough propaganda as it is.

this is just a measure to attack alternative journalism by propping up the failing government mouthpieces. let them fail, they have already been replaced. the new guys have found cheaper and better ways to do the job, that's what capitalism is supposed to be about, not sinking tax payer dollars into continually failing rat holes.

i'm absolutely beside myself with the unconstitutional bullshit that continually pumps out of the government.