Examiner: Interview with God of War 3 Artists

Anthony Friedman writes, "Following the opening reception for the Art of God of War 3, Examiner got the chance to catch up with three of the title's creative talents: Izzy, Patrick Murphy, and Cecil Kim"

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Leupac2791d ago

The art for that game was amazing. Great interview.

CrAppleton2790d ago

Awesome interview, I love the art in the God of War series

DaRockSays2790d ago

Best series ever! And the artwork is absolutely amazing

Hudahudahuda2791d ago

Anyone have a larger version of that first picture from the article?

StixRemix2790d ago

Some larger pics can be found here.

Just go to the online album and you'll find a couple higher resolution images.

DaRockSays2790d ago

Sweet! Thanks for the larger image

Neco5122790d ago

Love the pictures on the interview

DaRockSays2790d ago

"Originally, it was all about projects and glory. It was about getting to work on a bunch of titles and to taste some of the glory from being in the industry." I bet they must be stoked now that their art is seen around the world!

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